IFT Launches New Website To Help Consumers Find Out the Facts on Food

February 4, 2016

CHICAGOConsumers have a lot of questions about where their food comes from, how it’s made and what’s in it. To help consumers find this information, the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) is excited to announce the launch of “IFT Food Facts.” IFT Food Facts is an online resource that has videos and fact sheets with tips related to the science of food that consumers can use at home, at the store and on the go. IFT’s member experts answer common questions about food safety, nutrition, and food chemistry, as well as address common myths and misperceptions about food science and technology.

The new website features five sections: latest videos and fact sheets, food safety, nutrition, chemistry, and the science of food. The site also prominently features either the latest food facts video or a video that is a current trending “hot topic” in the news. A variety of quirky food-related topics are covered such as edible insects, the chemistry of BBQ, tips for storing leftovers safely and much more.

In the latest food facts video IFT member Guy Crosby, PhD, CFS, adjunct associate professor at the Harvard School of Public Health narrates an animated video on what happens to the nutrients in vegetables when you cook them. Crosby breaks down the complicated food science of cooking vegetables in an easy way for consumers to understand and suggests ways to maximize nutrients.

The video and fact sheet can be viewed here, along with the rest of IFT’s Food Facts videos and fact sheets.

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