Breakfast Boom Times: 8 American Breakfast Trends

March 15, 2016

CHICAGO – Consumers want it all from their breakfast foods: portability, high protein, and great taste. By delivering that and more, food companies are boosting sales in several breakfast food categories. In an article in the March issue of Food Technology magazine published by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), Carolyn Schierhorn writes about current breakfast trends.

1. Breakfast products constitute the three fastest-growing categories in the grocery sector. Ranked number one is shelf stable convenient breakfast items, followed by frozen egg substitute products, and eggs.1

2. Breakfast is the fastest-growing meal purchased at restaurants.2

3. 28 percent of consumers usually eat breakfast away from home.  A rise from 11 percent ten years ago.3

4. 63 percent of consumers might grab something from home to eat for breakfast when eating on the go, while 45 percent would go through a drive-through restaurant, and 31 percent would stop at a convenience store or gas station.3

5. Approximately 80 percent  of consumers eat frozen breakfast foods, with 25 percent  eating these foods as a snack and 25 percent eating them on the go.

6. 93 percent of Americans say they consume ready-to-eat cold cereal. 4

7. 21 percent of Americans skip breakfast when time is limited in the morning.3

8. Women consume 65 percent of yogurt in the U.S.5

Read the article in Food Technology here. 

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