Advocacy IFT encourages you to become an advocate for food science and technology.

Meetings & Public Hearings
Advocacy is a critical part of advancing food science and technology. We've desinged this area to empower you to attend meetings and public hearings.

IFT Comments
IFT provides commentaries, testimonies, and statements based on the input of experts from academia, industry, and government. IFT also provides members the opportunity for public comment.

Be a Food Science Advocate
IFT offers you resources to help you be an advocate for the profession, as well as tools to assist you in successfully reaching out to policy makers.

Congressional Support for Science Award
The Congressional Support for Science Award was established by IFT in 2001, first, to recognize outstanding contributions to science-based food policies and, second, to increase the role of science in policy development to enhance the safety, nutritional value, affordability, and variety of foods available to consumers.  Each year, IFT honors two members of Congress, in recognition of their achievements and efforts in making food-related policies that are based on sound science.  

IFT Names Kohl and Roberts 2011 Congressional Science Award Winners

IFT has selected two distinguished members of the United States Congress, Senator Herb Kohl (D) of Wisconsin and Senator Pat Roberts (R) of Kansas, to receive the 2011 IFT Congressional Support for Science Awards.  Both Senator Kohl and Roberts are being recognized for their contributions to science-based agriculture, food, and nutrition policies.  Sen. Kohl is the chairman of the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee, and has worked closely with FDA on their efforts to keep the food supply safe.  In January, Kohl introduced the Food Safety Accountability Act which increases criminal penalties on those individuals who deliberately put our food supply in jeopardy.  Sen. Roberts has been a strong supporter of food and agriculture, as well as research funding for these areas.  He has helped usher many Farm Bills through Congress, and will likely play an important role in the 2012 Farm Bill.  An evening reception is being planned for May 2011.   

International Advocacy
International Advocacy is another way in which IFT contributes to the global advancement and application of the science of food, addressing issues affecting the global food supply and supporting the global food science and technology profession.

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