Call for Comments IFT encourages advocacy for food science & technology by providing you the opportunity for public comment.

IFT Calls for Input for the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines deliberations began with a meeting at the NIH campus on June 13-14, 2013.  The next meeting, scheduled for Fall, will allow for oral comments.  Written comments can be submitted electronically at any time throughout the Dietary Guidelines revision process.  Information regarding the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, webcasts and presentations at the first meeting, timeline, and other information is available at   

The Dietary Guidelines forms the basis for Food and Nutrition polices and affects all stakeholders including academicians, scientist, industry and consumers.  It is critical to submit comments and provide scientific evidence to ensure that the guidelines are evidence based and practical.   

IFT plans to submit written comments in advance of the second meeting in Fall and deliver oral testimony during the meeting. IFT welcomes your input as we prepare to submit comments and deliver oral testimony.  Potential topics that may be of interest for commentary are:   

  • Role of food science and technology (processed foods) in the food supply system
  • Sustainability and role of food science and technology
  • Nutrient contribution (nutrients to encourage and nutrients to limit) from processed foods
  • Advances in food science and technology to address challenges such as reducing sodium, sugar, trans fat content; increasing fiber content; developing more whole grain based food products; developing foods that meet nutrient needs without sacrificing sensory appeal
  • Role of food science and technology in addressing challenges (e.g., malnutrition) through enrichment and fortification
  • Food safety
  • Other topics relevant to the 2015 Dietary Guidelines

Please provide input on any of these topics for consideration to Farida Mohamedshah ( by COB Wednesday, August 20.