How to Promote the Positive Contributions of Food Science

Advances in food science and technology have played a critical role in meeting the needs of an evolving society. However, the profession is sometimes mischaracterized by authors who want to market and sell books or by inaccurate reports from the media. As a result, consumers may not understand the many ways that the science of food ― and food scientists ― have positively contributed to their lives.

IFT has developed this page so that you can tell the story of how food science is playing a vital role in finding solutions to feeding the world, both today and in the future. These materials are designed to help tell the public how food science has made it possible for greater global access to an abundant, diverse food supply that is safe, flavorful, nutritious, convenient, and less costly than ever before.


FutureFood 2050
FutureFood 2050 offers a new educational approach from IFT. More than 75 interviews with scientific experts and innovators are available to help you educate the public on the science of food and promising innovations.  Sharing the articles via social is easy – just click and share.

World Without Food Science

World Without Food Science
World Without Food Science video: Discover what a trip to the grocery store would be like without the benefit of food science and technology.  Here from IFT experts on Availability of Food, Food Safety, Sustainability, Nutrition, and Special Foods for Special Populations video.

Day in the Life of a NASA Food Scientist

Day in the Life of a Food Scientist
What is it really like to be a food scientist? What do food scientists do each day? What kinds of things do they think about? Learn more about what it’s like to be a food scientist from the people who do it every day.

World Food Day Action Kit

 IFT Member Action Kit
This kit offers you how-to  tips and suggestions for sending the right message on food science to counter misinformation.  Find suggestions and tools for some quick and easy things you can do by joining the discussion on social media, introducing yourself to the press, reaching out to colleagues in your organization, or by taking a more active role in your community. (Login required)

Food Facts

Food Facts: Practical Food Tips for Consumers
From tips on food storage and shelf life, to food safety in the produce aisle, to an explanation of why food are irradiated, Food Facts provides concise, useful information to help consumers make smarter, safer choices about their food.

IFT Science Review: Feedding Tomorrow

Feeding the World Today and Tomorrow: The Importance of Food Science and Technology
This IFT scientific review takes a historical look at the food system, the many challenges ahead, and the crucial role of food science and technology in meeting the needs of the growing population.

John Floros

IFT Interview with John Floros, Ph.D. Listen Button
In this IFT audio interview, Past IFT President John Floros, Ph.D. discusses the importance of food science and technology in feeding a growing population. Dr Floros is a professor of Food Process Engineering and Packaging and Head of Food Science Department at Pennsylvania State University. He is a fellow of IFT and a member of the Science Board for the Food & Drug Administration.

Phillip Nelson

IFT Interview with Phil Nelson Listen Button
IFT interviews the recipient of the 2007 World Food Prize, Dr. Philip E. Nelson about the use of his aseptic processing and packaging innovation in reducing post-harvest waste, making many fruits and vegetables available year-round, and easier to transport worldwide.

What is Food Science?

What is Food Science & Technology? Video Button
Learn what food science is all about and hear from people that work in the profession about what it's like to work in food science.


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