Comments on the WHO Draft Guideline: Sugars Intake for Adults and Children

March 31, 2014

IFT submitted comments on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) draft guideline on sugars.   The WHO recommends that the guideline can be “used to develop a strategy to reformulate food products, in particular processed food products that are high in sugars.” The comments emphasize that the body does not distinguish naturally occurring mono- and disaccharides from those that are added during food processing, cooking, or at the table or those formed during digestion.  Further, there are no analytical methods to measure free sugars specifically.  The comments discuss the important role of sugars in food formulation, and approaches and associated challenges of reducing sugars in foods and beverages. The comments emphasize the role of food scientists and technologists in developing healthful foods and beverages including those low in sugars, sodium and fats, and high in fiber and nutrients of concern.

Click here for comments (PDF)

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