New Department Head of the Food Science Department at LSU Agricultural Center


Michael W. Moody was recently appointed Professor and Head of the Food Science Department at the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center and Louisiana State University and A&M College, beginning January 1, 2001. Dr. Moody had a 24-year career in food safety with the FDA in Washington, DC and the LSU Agricultural Center. Dr. Moody earned his Ph.D. in Food Science with a concentration in Marine Science from Louisiana State University in 1973. From 1974 to 1976 he worked as a food technologist for the FDA providing expertise in the development and amendment of food standards and regulations, compliance with FDA regulations including GMP, and meeting with industry and academic representatives to discuss challenges, initiatives, and goals for consumers and the US food industry. From 1976 to 2000, Dr. Moody worked as seafood specialist and technologist with the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center Cooperative Extension Service and Louisiana Sea Grant College Program. He is a recognized expert, co-author of manuals and trainer in HAACP and SSOP regulations. Dr. Moody has served as a member of several professional societies during his career and on committees relating to food safety and seafood products. He also teaches a senior course in Food and Drug Laws, Standards and Regulations, and has advised several graduate students in applied research in seafood safety, processing and preservation. Dr. Moody will retire, as a Colonel (O-6), from active duty in the United States Army Reserves this May after a 32-year career.





The winners of the LA Gulf Coast IFT section awards in the LA Science and Engineering Fair were:


In the Senior Division:

$100 1st Prize - Rebecca Philips for a poster on tastebuds and aversion to vegetable flavor,

Runner-Up - Allison Roussel for a poster on sugar content vs. cereal process type, and

Honorable Mention - Hunter Brunet for a poster on the replacement of sugar with aspartame in ice cream.


In the Junior Division:


$75 1st Prize - Fallon Foley for a poster on color and flavor preservation of cut fruits with commercial antibrowning agents as compared to lemon juice,

Runner-Up - Kathryn Stoll for a poster on flour and sugar source vs. bread loaf volume,

Honorable Mention - Daniel Dugas for a poster on water and fat content vs. yield and cost of bacon.


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Kenneth W. McMillin (8/2002)

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COMMITTEES (2000/2001)


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Student Scholarship Winners


Subramaniam Sathivel was the winner of the $250 LA Gulf Coast IFT Section award for his abstract entitled, Physico-chemical properties and consumer acceptance of Mayhaw and Muscadine".


Sandeep Kumar Rout was the winner of the $400 Central Analytical Laboratories award, for his abstract entitled, "Determining degree of acetylation and purity of crawfish chitin and chitosan using Fourier Transform Infared Spectroscopy".


Siow Ying Tan was the winner of the $250 Tom Quinn and Associates award, for her abstract on "Ozonation of gossypol-acetic acid and detection of residual gossypol-acetic acid by HPLC".





Win Regional College Bowl Competition

Third Year in a Row




On March 8, 2001 in Dallas, TX the Louisiana State University Food Science Department College Bowl Team competed in the South Central Regional College Bowl competition of the Institute of Food Technologists Student Association (IFTSA). The team consisted of undergraduate students Desmond Matthew, Ramona Gould, Siow Ying Tan and Vien Le, and graduate student Jonathan Walker. They were trained and coached by Dr. Joan M. King, Assistant Professor of Food Science. The competition was in a single elimination format. LSU defeated Oklahoma State in the semi-finals and Texas Tech in the final round to win the regional competition. Other teams competing included Texas A&M and the University of Arkansas. The LSU team will now go to the National IFT meeting in New Orleans this June to compete in the college bowl finals against the winners of the other five regions.


Adapted from the IFTSA website:


The IFTSA College Bowl Competition tests the knowledge of student teams from across the United States. Teams consist of four players with a maximum of two graduate students. College Bowl questions may come from any area applicable to food science and the IFT, including chemistry, biochemistry, processing, microbiology, sensory evaluation, product development, marketing and general IFT information. Questions come in two forms: the first is answered by the fastest (correct) player on either team, while the second type are bonus questions, answered with the help of the entire team. There are a total of 40 questions in each round.










When: April 27, 2001 Deadline for reservations - April 20

Where: Mini Farm Bldg, on LSU Campus

Baton Rouge, LA



5:00 pm - Social Time

5:30 pm - Crawfish Boil

7:00 pm - Student Presentations

(3 scholarship winners will give 15 minute talks)


Cost: Members $15.00

Students $10.00


Reservations: Call or fax registration to Joan King, LSU Dept. of Food Science, Phone (225) 578-5157, Fax (225) 578-5300 or email: jking@agctr.lsu.edu. Please send a payment (cash or check payable to LA Gulf Coast IFT) to Joan M. King at 111 Food Science Bldg., Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803.



Name: ______________________________________________________________________



Affiliation: ___________________________________________________________________



Please reserve ________ dinners Member _______ Student _______



Deadline for registration is April 20.

















Important Reminder


Please read the By-Laws on the website (www.ift.org/sections/gulf/index.htm) and vote on them by emailing your vote to approve or disapprove to Dr. Joan King (jking@agctr.lsu.edu).



Recognition Robert E. Hayes


Dr. Robert E. Hayes of the USDA-ARS-SRRC is being recognized by the IFT for being a 50-year member. All 50-year members will be featured in Food Technology in May and the Fall edition of Spotlight.

Louisiana Gulf Coast Section



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Please send in your ballot to Joan King, LSU Dept. Food Science,

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Inside: Crawfish Boil announcement for April 27, 2001. Mini Farm Bldg, LSU Campus













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