INSTITUTE OF FOOD TECHNOLOGISTS                         January 2003                         No 44


Meeting  -  Thursday, February 20th 2003, 3:00pm.  Harahan, LA

Fresh-cut Salad & Fruit Plant Tour at Dixie Produce, Inc.

Former IFT President & IFT Distinguished Lecturer, Dr. Mary Schmidl, presenting “Advances in Functional Foods: Hope or Hype?”


Please join us for the first meeting in 2003 at the next IFT - Gulf Coast Meeting.  The meeting will be a battle of “Fresh-cut Versus Functional Foods”.  It will start with an exciting tour of Dixie Produce and Packaging, Inc. in Harahan, LA.  Dixie Produce is SE Louisiana’s largest state-of-the-art fresh-cut salad and fruit production facility.  We will have a tour of the fresh-cut production area, including a stop through their fresh-cut QC micro lab.  Following the plant tour, cocktail hour and dinner, we will be privileged to hear a stimulating presentation entitled “Advances in Functional Foods: Hope or Hype?” by the former IFT President and renowned IFT Distinguished Speaker, Dr. Mary K. Schmidl.  The seminar portion will be held at nearby Smilie’s Restaurant in Harahan, LA.  As in the previous meetings (see below), there will be door prizes for lucky participants!


Due to sign-in policies at the gatehouse of Dixie Produce and logistical in-plant touring restrictions, we must have all confirmed reservations received by February 13th.  Unfortunately, there will be NO “at-the-door” participants allowed for the Dixie Produce Inc. component (3:00 pm) of our meeting.  However, we welcome participants at the door for the happy hour, dinner and Distinguished Speaker portion to be held at Smilie’s Restaurant (5725 Jefferson Highway, Harahan, LA) at 5:00 pm.  Subsequently, early pre-registration is highly recommended.


Check inside for more details!!



            3:00 - 4:45 pm             Tour of Dixie Produce and Packaging, Inc.

            5:00 - 6:00 pm             Cocktail Hour at Smilie’s Bar (cash bar)

            6:00 - 7:00 pm             Dinner at Smilie’s Restaurant

Text Box: NEXT MEETING - Tentative date:
Friday, April 11, 2003
Crawfish Boil & Student Awards Night, LSU
Be sure to mark your calendars
            7:00 - ~8:00 pm           Dr. Schmidl’s presentation in Smilie’s banquet facility

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Mary K. Schmidl

IFT Distinguished Lecturer






The concept of functional food is often cited as an emerging area in food science and technology; however, this concept reflects the tremendous growth of knowledge and evolution of the field of science and technology during the twentieth century. Even before the modern era of defining functional foods, many cultures had identified foods or natural materials that could correct disease states or maintain health. In fact, the origins of modern pharmaceutical sciences can be traced to this study of natural materials. Food products are now being marketed for their ability to promote wellness or as a preventative measure against illness and chronic disease. Science, technology, medicine and the regulatory environment are key to driving the entire market forward. Increased awareness of the diet and health relationship has stimulated a trend in the industry in which more attention is given to health effect of food ingredients. The role of the diet and specific components in the prevention and treatment of disease and in improving body functional has become more prominent and active and will continue. The existing and expanding knowledge of science and technology and the purchasing power of the aging population offer the food, agribusiness and pharmaceutical industries opportunities to improve existing foods and develop new foods and supplement for the diet. Modern biotechnology techniques, separation technologies and enzymatic and chemical modifications offer opportunities to isolate, concentrate or modify bioactive compounds so that their application in functional foods, dietary supplements or medical food becomes possible.


Mary K. Schmidl served as the President of the Institute of Food Technologists in 2000-2001.  She received her BS from the University of California Davis and her MS and PhD from Cornell University in food chemistry with minors in biochemistry and human nutrition.  For more than 25 years, she worked and published extensively in the food sector having held management and teaching positions for AG Bayer, Novartis and the University of Minnesota. She has authored or co-authored over 50 refereed research papers, magazine articles, patents and book chapters.  Most recently she is the co-author of the book: Essentials of Functional Foods.  Dr. Schmidl has received numerous awards including IFT Fellow, IFST Fellow of the United Kingdom, the IFT Babcock-Hart Award in Nutrition and the Award of Distinction from the University of California-Davis.  Mary has also served on the Board of Directors of the Council of Scientific Society Presidents, an organization representing over 1.5 million scientists and science educators worldwide.  Dr. Schmidl is currently principal for NFNC, a food and drug consulting firm in St. Paul, MN and adjunct professor in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Minnesota.


Travel funds for Distinguished Lecturers are provided by IFT as a service to the Members



Fresh-cut Versus Functional Foods

IFT Distinguished Lecturer, Dr. Mary K. Schmidl


Thursday, February 20, 2003,  3:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Deadline for reservations  -  February 13, 2003



Fresh-cut Plant Tour

IFT Distinguished Speaker


Tour SE Louisiana’s largest fresh-cut fruit & salad production plant.  All participants must be at the gate by 3:00 pm

Past IFT President and IFT Distinguished Lecturer, Dr. Mary K. Schmidl, discusses “Advances in Functional Foods: Hope or Hype?


   (see maps)

Dixie Produce and Packaging, Inc.

5801  “G”  Street

Harahan, LA 70123

Smilie’s Restaurant

5725 Jefferson Highway

Harahan, LA 70123




3:00 - 4:45 pm

Tour of Dixie Produce with President Louis Danna


5:00 - 6:00 pm


Cocktail Hour at Smilie’s Bar (cash bar)

6:00 - 7:00 pm


Dinner at Smilie’s Restaurant (see next page)

7:00 - 8:00 pm


Dr. Schmidl’s presentation

§¨©ª     Door Prizes for Lucky Participants!     §¨©ª

Registration:         Members    $28.00 if paid by February 13th, Students  $14.00.

                                                $30.00 at the door

Reservations:       Please be advised that “walk-ins” are not allowed for the Dixie Produce component of our meeting.  Therefore, please register early and plan your evening as soon as possible!  Call, fax or email your intentions or registration and payment to Dr. John Beaulieu, phone (504)-286-4471, FAX (504)-286-4419, beaulieu@srrc.ars.usda.gov, or Dr. Witoon Prinyawiwatkul, (225)-388-5188; FAX (225)-388-5300 wprinya@lsu.edu.  Please send or bring your payment, made payable to LA Gulf Coast IFT by the February 13, 2003 deadline (addresses located in the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE box).

The cocktail hour with cash bar, dinner (menu on following page) and Distinguished Speaker portion will be held at Smilie’s Restaurant, starting at 5:00 pm.  Walk-in participants are welcome at the door for this component of our meeting, but registration and confirmation is highly encouraged!



Name:           ______________________________________________________________________


Affiliation:      ______________________________________________________________________


Member _______                 Student _______          Deadline for registration is February 13, 2003


Please circle your meal choice                        1 (crab)            2 (veal) 3 (chicken)


The dinner menu includes your choice of one of the following three entrees:

1.                  Soft Shell Crab - with crawfish meuniere sauce

2.                  Veal Augie - baby veal, paneed, topped with lump crabmeat, fresh mushrooms, shallots and a touch of Hollandaise sauce

3.                  Romano Crusted Boneless Breast of Chicken - served with pasta Alfredo


All entrees are served with: seafood gumbo, salad with house dressing, vegetable, potatoes, bread pudding with rum sauce and iced tea.


Directions to Dixie Produce & Packaging Inc.

(1)  From Baton Rouge: Take I-10 East to New Orleans, exit Clearview Parkway, go right (south).  Then (3),

(2)  From New Orleans: Take I-10 West, exit Clearview Pkwy, around cloverleaf to the left (south).  Then (3)

(3)  Continue on Clearview Parkway south, past Airline Highway (61), go over a large high rise (Earhart Expressway) and continue ahead.  Go past Home Depot & Elmwood Shopping Center (right-hand side) and turn right at Mounes Street.  Go 4 blocks and turn left onto Edwards Avenue and Dixie Produce will be about 1 & ½ blocks up on the right hand side at “G” Street.  Enter the drive and proceed to the guardhouse.


Directions to Smilie’s

(1)  From Dixie Produce:  Exit onto Edwards and go right.  Smilie’s is about 3 blocks straight ahead at the corner of Edwards at Jefferson Highway.

(2)  From Other Locations:  Take Clearview Parkway south and go right on Jefferson Highway.  Do not go past the round about and straight ahead or you will be crossing the mighty Mississippi!  Go roughly ¼ mile on Jefferson Hwy and Smilie’s will be on the right hand side at the corner of Jefferson Hwy and Edwards Ave.



Printable Map



Printable Map



For out-of-town participants desiring hotel rates and information, please check into the New Orleans Visitors Bureau (504-566-5006, www.visitneworleans.info) or go to Yahoo.com, Maps, enter Dixie’s address, then under Nearby Businesses click on Hotels and Motels.


Crawfish Boil and Student Awards Night – Tentatively set for April 11, 2003 at a location to be designated


Door Prizes

As promised, the last two fun-filled, stimulating meetings had some lucky door prize winners.  At the 1st Meeting (Blue Runner Foods), Sam Godber from LSU walked home with a Mike Anderson’s Restaurant gift certificate.  At the 2nd Meeting (New Orleans School of Cooking), Witoon Prinyawiwatkul (LSU) & Mary An Godshall (USDA-ARS-SRRC) won cookbooks that Kevin Belton signed, and Ken Janes (McIlhenny Co.) won Kevin’s apron!  Well done.






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