Message  From  The  Chair


By the time you receive this, it will be the New Year. As for me and some of my “old” friends, we stayed awake long enough to see the “ball” drop. I had several old friends at my house: Johnny, Jack, and Jim, as in Walker, Daniels and Beam and Wild Turkey stopped by. A friend got all excited thinking I had a date...I had to remind him that I did not say a wild tur-key but rather Wild Turkey as in 101 proof sip-pin’ bourbon.

Enough of the silliness. We have heard noth-ing but favorable comments about the Holiday Party. Several people were impressed by all the food that was available during the cocktail hour and most were equally impressed that one could make the selection of the entrée, following the cocktail hour.

Please remember what I said at the Holiday party—to continue to meet at the Westbury Manor, we must guarantee a minimum of 35 people. It’s up to you to get out to the meetings.

The entire Board has been working diligently to bring fresh and interesting programs this year. For example, one of the year’s programs will deal with renting or purchasing of auxiliary equipment (e.g. forklifts). In this difficult eco-nomic era, decision making regarding the neces-sary equipment to keep our businesses running is going to impact the proverbial “bottom line.” The knowledge you gain and carry back to your employer may affect yours and the company’s survival.