Executive Committee Meeting

August 5, 2004


Location: Girasole Grill, 3180 Santa Rita Rd., Pleasanton, CA


Attendees: Executive Committee (03-04): Ted Herrera, Chair; Paul Singh, Chair-elect; Mary Palumbo, Executive Secretary; Elizabeth Cronin, Membership Secretary; Carol Cooper, Karen Lapsley, Alternate Councilors; Carolyn Coughlin, Chair CVIFT; Rick Falkenberg, Chair-elect CVIFT. Executive Committee (04-05) Paul Singh, Chair; Karen Lapsley, Chair-elect; Yildiz Karaibrahimoglu, Membership Secretary. Committee Chairs and Members of Nominating Committee:  Dana Gong, Billy Low, Sharon Cook Roesler, Bill Root, Amy Wong (Past-chair, CVIFT). Student representatives: Jaime Rudolf, Lisa Mooc.  Guests: Jim Roesler


The meeting was called to order at 6:50 p.m.


The minutes of the meeting on June 3, 2004, were approved as published on the NCIFT website.


Committee Reports:


CVIFT: Rick Falkenberg reported that the officers for Central Valley Sub-Section for 2004-2005 will be Wallace Richards, Chair-elect; Terri Amerio-Bell, Treasurer; Trish Arzaga, Secretary.  Supplier’s Night will be at Hilmar Cheese.  The program is not yet decided.


MBIFT: No report.


SJVIFT: Billy Low is Chair-elect of the San Joaquin Valley Sub-Section.  The other officers are the same as last year (see web site).  Billy reported that he is finding it difficult to get a plant tour this year, because of bioterrorism concerns and the firms’ concerns about competitors entering their facility.  The fall plant tour, planned for September 14, may be done by video tours.  The 6th Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament will be October 7th at Brighton Crest Golf and Country Club in Fresno.  The next NCIFT Executive Committee meeting will be held in conjunction with this event.


Treasurer’s Report: No report (or budget) was available.  Dana Gong reported that she and Maria Giovanni will serve, with the Treasurer, on an audit committee.  At least one other committee member is needed; the By-Laws specify three or more persons plus the Treasurer.  They would like someone with experience doing audits to help.  Billy Low, Rick Falkenberg, and Amy Wong volunteered.


Membership.  The Section has 1149 members, follow the recent deletion of about 300 members from the database.  Imelda has been contacting non-renewing members.  Elizabeth moved some long-time members to emeritus status rather than deleting them from the database, pending confirmation of their eligibility.   The membership records are now all in Excel format, which is making management easier.


Reception/Hospitality: In the absence of the committee chairs, Paul Singh reported that the September 16 Long-timers’ Meeting will be held at Mudd’s Restaurant in San Ramon.  Karen Lapsley said the Christmas party will be held jointly with CVIFT, and will be December 2 at Wente Winery.  A joint meeting with MBIFT is planned for March, either at the Steinbeck Center in Salinas or the Aquarium in Monterey.


Program: Paul reported that the Long-timers’ Meeting will have a similar program to the one that proved successful last year.  Three or four long-timers will share their perspectives on the California food industry.  Karen Lapsley said that for the meeting on November 18th, she had been discussing with Carol Cooper a format that would allow students interested in next year’s IFTSA Product Development competition to interact with suppliers who might help them to develop their ideas.   A location has not yet been selected.


Hornblower: Bernadine is reportedly working on an issue that will go to press soon.


Nominating Committee: No report.


Employment Assistance: No report.


By-laws: No report.


Long-range Planning: This committee has been inactive since the last report was generated about five years ago.  It was decided that a new committee should be constituted with members representing each of the Sub-Sections.  Jaime Rudolf, student representative from UC Davis, asked that student and recent-graduate mentoring be included in the discussion of possible programs.  Northern California Section covers a very large geographical area, and typically only a small proportion of members attend meetings.  The Chico area has some food industry, but there has been little interest there in starting another Sub-Section.  The Bay area has lost a great deal of industry, but has many retired IFT members.


College and Student Relations: Carol Cooper introduced Jaime Rudolf, past IFTSA President, and Lisa Mooc.  The third student representative to NCIFT, Valerie Mercier, is in San Diego on an internship.  Carol announced that Christine Bruhn will be conducting a Communication Workshop on conducting interviews with members of the mass media.  The College Bowl was run differently this year.  It was a double elimination tournament with shorter rounds, which gave each team two chances.  UC Davis teams placed in each of the three IFTSA competitions this year.  The club is planning a trip in the fall to get the students involved.


Suppliers’ Night: Sharon Cook reported that Suppliers’ Night is planned for Tuesday, May 3, 2005, at the Oakland Convention Center (tentative, contract not signed).  The symposium will follow the same format, with four speakers.  The golf tournament will be Monday, May 2.  The location may be different from this year.


Member of the Year: Dana Gong and Carol had nominees for this award this year, and will e-mail those to Ted.  The Members of the Year posted at the annual meeting were last year’s winners.


Cruess Scholarship/Travel Grants: Thank-you notes have been received from the following students for travel grants to attend the IFT Annual Meeting: Alex Chassy, Michelle Danyluk, Julia DiPierce, Mike Gabel, Sachi Iida, Wendy Maduff, Atsushi Maekawa, Valerie Mercier, Rachel Neal, Rachel Rothman, Serena Schlake, Ayako Toma, Sivan Wilensky, and Steve Xiong.


Historian: Bill Root announced that NCIFT recently lost one of its oldest members, Hugh Griswold, who was 101 years old.  Hugh served the Section as Chair and Councilor, and co-chaired the Annual Meeting in 1948.  Bill still needs three copies of the May/June 2001 Hornblower and one copy each of October/November 1997, February/March 2000, and April/May 2000.  Bill and Jim Arellanes tried to get Marketing Designs to give them access to stored NCIFT records in their shed, but have not succeeded.  Dana Gong has an inventory of what is stored there.


Old business:

Pam Tom would like to be relieved of the responsibility of managing the listserv.  Paul Singh will do it for a few months, and report back.  The committee would like to keep the listserv at Davis, but will need a faculty-staff person or student to act as manager.


New business:

Ted welcomed Paul Singh as the new Chair.  Paul thanked Ted for his work this year, and his efforts to keep lines of communication open.



The next meeting will be at the San Joaquin Valley golf tournament on October 7, 2004.

Amy Wong is back from Texas, and was welcomed back to NCIFT.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Palumbo