Updated: 7/21/98


The Arrangements Committee has the responsibility of making preparations for the monthly meetings. This committee is selected by the Section Chair and functions for one year.


1. Presents a complete schedule of meeting dates, locations, menus and price schedules, for the upcoming year, for the Executive Committee's review at the September meeting.

2. Develop and present a budget request to the Executive Committee.

3. Searches for and maintains a listing of prospective meeting places. Special evaluation forms are available at the Business Office or from National IFT.

4. Maintains accurate accounting records for each meeting and Arrangements Checking Account.

5. Cooperate with the Treasurer to obtain the best system for record keeping and accumulation of cash and receipts at the meetings. Maintain Arrangements Committee accounts. Books should be ready for audits at any time.

6. Insure that both the meeting room and the registration area are easily identified at every meeting. Recommend that a Section Logo and/or banner be used to identify the area.

7. Insure that proper facilities and equipment are available for each meeting. Recommend cooperating with the Program Chairman for audio-visual needs of speakers.

8. Attend Executive Committee Meetings. Present meeting schedules to the Executive Committee at the Executive Committee Meeting.

9. Assure that all arrangements with restaurants are in place at least one week prior to the meeting date.

10. Develop a system to determine dinner guarantee including the evaluation and improvement of the reservation system. Recommended techniques for controlling the dinner reservation problems are:

a) set and publish a deadline for canceling advance reservations. No-shows, who do not cancel by the deadline will be billed.

b) hold of selling dinner tickets at the door until all advance reservations have been seated.

c) set a lower price for advance reservations.

d) set a higher price for non-members.

e) if guest meals or student subsidy's are needed set a price for dinner higher to cover this cost.


July 1
· Arrangements Committee selected by Section Chair

August 1
· Attend August meeting of Executive Committee

August 15
· Prepare a schedule of meeting dates, locations, menus and price schedules for up-coming Executive Committee Meetings.

September 1
· Present Meeting Schedule to Executive Committee

October 1
· Attend October meeting of Executive Committee

December 1
· Attend December meeting of Executive Committee

February 1
· Attend February meeting of Executive Committee

April 1
· Attend April meeting of Executive Committee

June 1
· Attend June meeting of Executive Committee

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