Updated: 7/21/98


The NCIFT Chair-Elect is an elected officer of the Northern California Section of the Institute of Food Technologists. The Chair-Elect shall assist the Chair in performing his or her duties and use the year to become familiar with the Section's operating protocols and programs. In the absence of the Chair, the Chair-Elect shall be responsible for conducting the duties of the Chair, which includes presiding at both Executive and regular Section meetings. In presiding at meetings, the Chair shall be guided by Robert's Rules of Order, and should be familiar with the By-Laws of the Section, the IFT constitution and By-Laws and IFT policies operating policies and procedures.

The Chair-Elect shall be a member of the Northern California Section and a member of the IFT.


1. The Chair-Elect shall preside at any Section meetings that the Chair is unable to attend. He or she shall attend all meetings which include;
a) regular section meetings normally held in January, March, April, September & November.
b) Executive Committee meetings normally held the first Thursday in February, April, June, August & December.
c) special Executive Committee held prior to the Annual Meeting of the IFT.

2. The Chair-Elect shall provide input to the Chair when appointing the following standing committees or positions;
a) Arrangements
b) Audit
c) Outstanding Member
d) By-Laws
e) Reception
f) Historian
g) Recreation
h) Symposium
i) Editorial Committee
j) Supplier's Night
k) Travel Awards
l) Teller's
m) Business Manger
n) College & Student Relation

3. The Chair-Elect shall also provide input for appointing representatives as needed to ad hoc committees.
a) Operations manual
b) Strategic Planning
c) Employment Corporate Members
d) Public Information

4. The Chair-Elect shall serve as the Program Chair of the Section and head of the Program Committee. Duties of the Program Chair are described elsewhere.

5. The Chair-Elect shall attend regular and ad hoc committee meetings whenever possible, acting in an advisory capacity.

6. The Chair-Elect shall work with the Chair in preparing a budget or the fiscal year in which he or she is to be Chair (July 1 to June 30). He shall work with the Treasurer to prepare this document and submit it to the Executive Committee for approval.

7. The Chair-Elect shall be available for consultation with all offices of the Section and with all standing and ad hoc committees and committee Chairs.


July 1
· Submit budget to Treasurer
· Take over duties of the Chair

August 1
· Attend August NCIFT Executive Committee meeting

September 15 - 30
· Attend September regular Section meeting

October 1
· Attend October NCIFT Executive Committee meeting

November 15 - 30
· Attend November regular Section meeting.

December 1
· Attend December NCIFT Executive Committee meeting

January 15 - 30
· Attend regular Section meeting (joint meeting with UC Davis)

February 1
· Attend February NCIFT Executive Committee meeting

March 15 - 30
· Attend regular Section meeting

April 1
· Attend April NCIFT Executive Committee meeting

May 15 - 30
· Attend regular Section meeting (Supplier's Nite)

June 1
· Attend June NCIFT Executive Committee meeting

· Attend Annual Meeting of the IFT

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