Updated: 7/21/98


Councilors are elected to represent the membership of the Northern California Section at the National Council, the governing body of the Institute of Food Technologists. In the event the elected councilors are unable to attend the National Council, the Chair shall appoint alternate councilors to serve in their place. Those individuals who are runners-up in the council elections form the pool of alternate councilors from which the Chair may draw.


1 Serve as a member of the NCIFT Executive Committee

2 Attend all Executive Committee meetings

3 Attend and participate in the Council Meeting at the Annual Meeting. Travel to this meeting is the responsibility of the councilor.

4 Establish and maintain an understanding of the views and desires of the members of the NCIFT so they may be properly represented at the local and national levels

5 Participate in the election of Councilor Representative to the Executive Committee

6 Attend Regional breakfasts at the Annual Meeting to better understand what will be going on at the Council Meeting.

7 Notify officers of the Section of your interest in serving on national Committees.

8 Serve as a conduit between members of the Section and the NCIFT Executive Committee and National Council

9 Notify the Section Chair as to whether you will be attending the Annual Meeting.

10 Serve as a voting member of the NCIFT Executive Committee.


August 1
· Attend Executive Committee meeting

October 1
· Attend Executive Committee meeting

December 1
· Attend Executive Committee meeting

February 1
· Attend Executive Committee meeting

· The Section is notified by National IFT as to how many councilors they are entitled at the Annual Meeting

April 1
· Attend Executive Committee meeting

May 1
· Notify the Chair whether you will be able to attend the Annual Meeting

May 15
· Receive council agenda from the National.

June 1
· Attend Executive Committee meeting and/or pre-IFT special meeting

June 15-30
· Attend Annual Meeting
· Attend Councilors breakfast (Saturday before meeting opens)
· Attend Council Meeting (Saturday before meeting opens)

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