Updated: 7/21/98


The Chair of the NCIFT shall serve as the Jury Chair for the William V. Cruess Award, one of the preeminent awards presented by the IFT. The award consists of an honorarium and a medallion donated by the NCIFT. The NCIFT is responsible for maintaining a supply of medallions.


1. Serve as Jury Chair for the William V. Cruess Award.

2. Provide input to the Chair of the National IFT Awards Committee on potential jurors. The jury for each award shall consist of nine (9) jurors.

3. Attend Awards Committee meetings. If unable to attend, designate a member of the Section to serve in your place.

4. Coordinate the selection procedure for the Cruess Award;
a) Each juror shall the opportunity to on the first ballot to vote that a particular individual is unqualified.
b) Each juror shall also have the opportunity to vote that none of the nominees are worthy of consideration. A majority (five or more) of such votes on the first ballot will terminate further consideration by the jury and no award will be made that year.
c) Each juror should rank 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices for nominees on the ballot and return the ballot to the Jury Chair.
d) The Jury Chair will (upon receipt of all ballots) weight each first choice as three (3) points, each second choice as two (2) points and each third choice as one (1) point, and calculate a total score for each nominee.
e) If there is a definite winner on the first ballot (five of nine jurors give a single nominee their 1st place vote), this nominee is the winner of the award, and there is no need for a second ballot.
f) If there is no definite winner on the first ballot, a second ballot is needed. The three nominees receiving the highest score on the first ballot will be included on the second ballot. If there is also a two-way or three-way tie for 3rd place on the first ballot, those names will also be included on the second ballot. Using the same, scoring system, the Jury Chair will declare as the winner, the nominee with the highest score on the second ballot.
g) If there is a tie for 1st place on the second ballot, the Jury Chair shall cast the deciding vote.


October 25 (Approx)
· Attend October meeting of IFT Awards Committee.

December 1
· Nomination forms awards due at the IFT headquarters

December 27
· Nomination forms and first ballot sent to jury

January 20
· First ballots returned by jury to Jury Chair.

February 1
· Send second ballot to jurors, if necessary.

February 15
· Return second ballot to Jury Chair, if necessary.

March 20 (Approx)
· Attend March meeting of IFT Awards Committee.

June - July
· Attend Annual Meeting of the IFT & present the Cruess Award on behalf of the NCIFT
· Attend rehearsal on the afternoon of Awards Ceremony.

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