Updated: 7/21/98


The Editorial Board functions to; 1) set guidelines for THE HORNBLOWER articles, 2) review articles before printing and 3) aid the editor in obtaining pertinent materials for the publication. Serving on the Editorial Board is a duty of the Members-at-Large.


1. Set guidelines for THE HORNBLOWER articles including;
a) assuring that all articles are properly documented.
b) assuring that articles are not self-promotional
c) assuring that the articles are of general interest to the Food Industry

2. The Editor may edit articles to fit the physical format of THE HORNBLOWER.

3. The Editorial Board Chair will fax, mail or email articles to each board member for review. It is the responsibility of the board members to comment on the articles before the editorial deadlines. Failure to respond indicates agreement by the Editorial Board member or members.

4. The Editorial Board will aid the Editor in obtaining articles by establishing topics for each issue of THE HORNBLOWER.

5. The Editorial Board will form a list of contact names for each selected topic and forward that list to the Editor.

6. It is the responsibility of the Editor to contact the designated contact names and request the articles.

7. Articles collected by the Editor will be submitted to the Editorial Board for review.


March 1
· Editor meets with Editorial Board to select topics for next six (6) Hornblowers

April 1
· Meets with Editorial Board to review contributed articles
· Assist Editor by preparing a list of potential contributors for the articles

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