Updated: 8/4/00


The Employment Committee serves to provide a useful service to Section members who are seeking employment or a change in employment. The Committee is appointed by the Section Chair and serves for one year.


Monthly, NCIFT mails a job-listing bulletin to all members who request it.  Members who request the listing will send self-addressed stamped envelopes to the NCIFT Office.  Everyone who receives the job bulletin must be an NCIFT Member (see #8).

1. Collect and organize self-addressed Stamped Envelopes (SASE) from subscribers of Employment Bulletin.

2. Verify that the requisite is an NCIFT Member.  (Call/email the Membership Secretary if you have questions regarding membership status)

3. Compile job listing from employers and companies.

4. Format jobs bulletin and make copies.

5. 3rd week of each month, stuff envelopes and mail.

6. If you are using the requisite’s last SASE, include a note stating that it is their last SASE, and if they would like to receive more, send more SASE.

7. All positions will be posted for two months.  However, request listee to contact NCIFT when the position is filled, if within the 2 months.

8. The Employment Bulletin will not publish, knowingly, listings that have been place with a search firm.

9. Send an NCIFT Membership Application along with one month of the Employment Bulletin to non-members that have requested employment information.  Once the membership is received, then mail the remaining monthly bulletins in submitted SASE.

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