Updated: 7/22/98


The Executive Committee is the governing body of NCIFT. Voting members are all elected officers, councilors, Hornblower Editor and Business Manager. This includes elected officers of subsections. For business to be conducted, a quorum of greater than one-half (1/2) of the Executive Committee must be present.


1. The Executive Committee shall meet six (6) times a year. The historic practice has been to meet the first Thursday of the even calendar months.

2. Official minutes are recorded for each meeting, submitted for approval to the Executive Committee and kept on file by the Executive Secretary. In addition, copies of the minutes are kept on file in the NCIFT office. Copies of the approved minutes should also be sent to the IFT Field Service department by the Section Secretary.

3. Agendas for the upcoming meeting and the minutes from the last meeting are sent to all members of the Executive Committee prior to each meeting.

4. The Executive Committee has the responsibility for establishing the policies and developing the activities necessary to meeting the objectives of the Section.

5. The Section Executive Committee must make such fiscal decisions as (1) approval of the budget, (2) setting of dues and meeting fees, (3) selection of official repositories, (4) short and long term investments, and (5) establishment of subsections and their budgets.

6. Except for the office of Chairman, the Executive Committee has the responsibility of approving chair appointments for vacancies occurring among the other officers or its own membership.

7. If a Councilor or Alternate Councilor is absent from more than half of the Executive Committee Meetings in any one year, the Executive Committee may dismiss the individual, in which case it shall select another qualified person to fill the vacancy for the balance of the term. The Executive Committee may, at its discretion, decide whether or not an absence is excusable.

8. The Executive Committee will devote part of the meeting immediately prior to the annual national IFT meeting to council issues to be discussed at the national meeting.

9. Reports of the various officers and committees of the Section are made to the Section Executive Committee for approval. These reports are kept on file by the Section Secretary.


August 1
· Attend Executive Committee meeting

October 1
· Attend Executive Committee meeting

December 1
· Attend Executive Committee meeting

February 1
· Attend Executive Committee meeting

April 1
· Attend Executive Committee meeting

June 1
· Attend Executive Committee meeting

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