Updated: 7/22/98


The Hornblower Editor is responsible for the assemblage and printing of the NCIFT magazine, THE HORNBLOWER. The primary function of THE HORNBLOWER is to notify the members of the SECTION of upcoming events. The Editor is appointed by the Chair. There is no limit on how long an Editor may serve.


1. Assemble, edit and assure that THE HORNBLOWER is released in a timely maner to assure that members receive proper notification of meetings and other pertinent information.

2. Prepare and submit a yearly budget to the Treasurer for review by the Executive Committee.

3. Work with the Business manager to assure that lists of advertisers are current and have been properly updated.

4. Provide all contributors with deadlines to assure timely submission of contributed articles.

5. Work with the Editorial Board to develop topics for future issues and solicit contributed articles.

6. THE HORNBLOWER must include the following information;
a) Information on upcoming events.
b) Lists and contact numbers of all officers and appointed committee chairs.
c) Lists of potential employment opportunities.
d) Reports on Executive and General Meetings.
e) Statement of advertising policy and rate schedule.
f) Advertisers index.
g) Masthead information on NCIFT & its status as a non-profit.

7. THE HORNBLOWER may also include any of the following;
a) Press releases on food industry news such as new advances.
b) Contributed articles
c) Membership application.
d) Information on IFT and NCIFT web-pages.
e) Section By-Laws (Once every 2 years).
f) Special events.

8. The Editor shall be responsible for assembling a Directory issue in alternate years
a) Work with Membership Chair to obtain updated membership lists.
b) Publish notification of intended date of publication.
c) Work with Business Manager to encourage additional advertising for the special issue.


July 1
·Submit budget request to treasurer
August 1
· Attend August meeting of Executive Committee

August 23
· Deadline for materials for August-September issue

October 1
· Attend October meeting of Executive Committee

October 23
· Deadline for materials for October-November issue

December 1
· Attend December meeting of Executive Committee

December 23
· Deadline for materials for December-January issue

February 1
· Attend February meeting of Executive Committee

February 23
· Deadline for materials for February-March issue

April 1
· Attend April meeting of Executive Committee

April 23
· Deadline for materials for April-May issue
June 1
· Attend June meeting of Executive Committee

June 23
· Deadline for materials for June-July issue

1. Attend General Meetings and Executive Committee Meetings to stay abreast of NCIFT activities and desires for publication.

2. Solicit materials from officers and members

3. Utilize releases from IFT's Office of Science Communications and The Spotlight

4. Encourage members to submit stories and photographs.

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