Updated: July 29, 1998


The NCIFT Historian is appointed by the Chair. The role of the Historian is to maintain the records of the NCIFT and to continuously update existing records.


1. Provides a suitable and safe repository for existing NCIFT records.

2. Prepares on an annual basis, a history of the NCIFT for each fiscal year. Unless there is a reason to change, the format which should be used was that first used in the history published in THE HORNBLOWER in 1989.

3. Submits a copy of each year's history to the Section Chair.

4. Sees that four (4) copies of THE HORNBLOWER are set aside each year for binding.

5. Is responsible for binding THE HORNBLOWER every five (5) years. The Historian must first submit a budget to the Executive Committee to obtain approval for the expenditures.

6. Distributes the four (4) bound copies to the appropriate repositories.

7. Coordinates the NCIFT video/audio history program by arranging interviews with Old Guard members of other NCIFT members.

8. Established a file for each year's records which should include the following:

a) annual report of the Executive Secretary.
b) complete set of minutes of the Executive Committee meetings.
c) the Historian history.
d) an unbound set of THE HORNBLOWER
e) any notable documents, letters, papers or pictures that might have historical interest.


July 1
· Submit budget to Treasurer

July 30
· Complete file of previous year's records that include annual report of Executive Secretary, minutes of the Executive Committee meetings, an unbound set of THE HORNBLOWER, and other pertinent documents.

August 1
· Attend August NCIFT Executive Committee meeting

October 1
· Attend October NCIFT Executive Committee meeting

December 1
· Attend December NCIFT Executive Committee meeting

February 1
· Attend February NCIFT Executive Committee meeting

April 1
· Attend April NCIFT Executive Committee meeting

April 15
· Arrange for photographer Suppliers Night Exposition

June 1
· Attend June NCIFT Executive Committee meeting

· Bind previous five years of THE HORNBLOWER

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