Updated: July 30, 1998

The Nominating Committee is an elected committee of the Northern California Section. The role of the Nominating Committee is to select a slate of officers for all elected offices of the Section, that is, Chair-Elect, Treasurer, Executive Secretary, Membership Secretary, Members-at-Large, Nominating Committee and Councilors.


1. The members of the Nominating Committee shall attend all Executive Committee meetings.

2 The Nominating Committee shall select a slate of candidates for presentation to the Executive Committee. This slate shall include a minimum of:
a) One (1) nominee for each of the elected offices.
b) Four (4) nominees for Members-at-Large
c) Nominees for Councilors shall be based on yearly requirements
d) three (3) Nominating Committee positions.
e) Candidates for Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Members-at-Large and Councilors must be Regional members of the Section.
f) The Nominating Committee shall review existing roles of councilors and assure that there will be at least one councilor from each Subsection represented.

3 Each member of the Nominating Committee should have a complete copy of the NCIFT By-Laws and Operations Manual. Potential candidates should be sent copies of the position for which they are being considered.

4 Members of the Nominating Committee should solicit potential candidates throughout the year, encouraging Executive Committee members to provide them with suggestions.

5. The Nominating Committee should review the ballot format prior to its mailing.


August 1
· Attend Executive Committee meeting
· Chair appoints an individual to Chair Nominating Committee

October 1
· Attend Executive Committee meeting
· Nominating Committee meets or talks to initiate nomination process

December 1
· Attend Executive Committee meeting
· Submit slate of officers and biographies to the Executive Committee for review and approval

February 1
· Attend Executive Committee meeting
· Review ballot format

April 1
· Attend Executive Committee meeting

June 1
· Attend Executive Committee meeting

Hints on Doing the Job

1. The Nominating Committee should talk with NCIFT members year around to solicit members' interest in serving as an officer.

2. The Nominating Committee may meet together or over the telephone to discuss potential candidates.

3. Nominating Committee members should not nominate each other.

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