Updated: July 30, 1998

The function of the phone tree is to increase membership attendance at each of the NCIFT meetings. The individual phone calls will provide a communications link for our members. The Chair will appoint an Chair for the Telephone Tree Committee.


1. The Phone Tree Committee Chair shall establish a Committee. One Committee Member or more shall be appointed by per area code for the NCIFT.

2. Provide an up-to-date phone listing sorted by the corresponding area code to each Committee Member for the NCIFT members to be contacted.

3. Establish the Phone Tree topics to be provided to the Phone Tree Committee Members. During the individual calls, these topics may include, and are not limited to the following information regarding the NCIFT member;
a) Will you be attending the next meeting?
b) Would you be interested in helping on a Committee?
c) Does your Company have an internal e-mail system? If yes, could you notify other NCIFT members at your Company via your Company e-mail system for upcoming events?
d) How many meetings do you attend each year?
e) How do you benefit most from being an NCIFT member?
f) Are there topics/speakers you would like to suggest for future meeting?
g) Could you mentor a student for one meeting?
h) Any comments for the Executive Committee?

4. The Phone Tree Committee Chair is responsible for;
a) Organizing and coordinating the Phone Tree Members.
b) Communicating the Phone Tree/assignments to the Phone Tree Committee Meeting.
c) Communicating the dates for Phone Tree activity to the Committee Members.
d) Updates and changes in the Phone Committee Form.
e) Reports at the Executive Committee meetings any progress and information from the Phone Tree Committee and our NCIFT members.


The Telephone Tree Committee Members shall call NCIFT members approximately two weeks prior to each scheduled meeting.

A report should be prepared prior to each meeting of the Executive Committee.

August 1
· Attend August NCIFT Executive Committee meeting

October 1
· Attend October NCIFT Executive Committee meeting

December 1
· Attend December NCIFT Executive Committee meeting

February 1
· Attend February NCIFT Executive Committee meeting

April 1
· Attend April NCIFT Executive Committee meeting

June 1
· Attend June NCIFT Executive Committee meeting

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