Updated: July 30, 1998

The Reception Committee is responsible for registering attendees at Section Meetings. The Reception Committee is appointed by the Section Chair.


1. Obtain complete schedules of meeting dates, locations and price schedules for Section meetings from the Arrangements Committee Chair.

2. Ensure that both the meeting room and registration area is easily identified at each meeting. It is recommended that a Section logo poster or banner be displayed.

3. Obtain registration list from Section business office prior to the meeting to use a as check off for registrants.

4. Obtain the necessary supplied for the registration table. Coordinate any expenditures wit the Arrangements Committee Chair.

5. Provide for an orderly handling of reservations at the Section meetings, including;
a) Maintain a list of people attending the meeting, including those with reservations, those without reservations and "no-shows'.
b) Provide for sufficient change for people paying cash.
c) Provide receipts for those requesting them.
d) Provide name tags and felt tip pens to write on them.
e) Provide table space for sale of Section materials (lapel pins, etc.)
f) ensure that there are sufficient seats for all advance reservations before accepting "walk-in" reservations.
g) Provide sufficient volunteers to staff the registration table.
h) Provide space to post employment bulletins

6 Prepare a total of money collected and provide the Arrangements Committee Chair with the money for deposit into the Arrangements account.


· Timelines vary year to year with scheduling of meetings. The NCIFT runs a minimum of five meetings per year.

July 15
· Chair appoints new Reception Committee Chair

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