Update: July 30, 1998

The Recreation Committee is responsible for developing and organizing special events for the members of the Northern California Section. These events are generally social type functions designed to bring the members of the Section, their friends, associates and families together in non-work environment. Events which have been coordinated by the Recreation Committee are the golf tournament. The Recreation Committee is appointed by the Section Chair.


1. Maintain contact with members of the Section to ascertain interest in special events.

2. Coordinate with members of country clubs to schedule and plan the yearly golf and tennis events run in collaboration with the annual Suppliers Night.

3. Contact suppliers and participants in events to donate awards and supplies

4. Select a committee and or assistants to help coordinate and run all events.

5. Coordinate the event


July 15
· Chair appoints new Recreation Committee Chair

February 1
· Send letters to suppliers announcing the tournaments and requesting prizes

May 1
· Make arrangements for golf and tennis tournaments for the next year's Supplier's Night

Timelines vary year to year with scheduling of events.

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