Updated: July 30, 1998


The Cruess Scholarship is a scholarship awarded by the Northern California Section of the Institute of Food Technologists. The scholarship is funded through a trust fun established by Marie Cruess for the Northern California Section of the IFT.

Travel awards are funds provided by the Northern California Section of the Institute of Food Technologists to deserving students for the purpose of funding travel to the Annual Meeting of the Institute of Food Technologists. These funds are distributed to students through the food science clubs at their respective departments. The moneys for these awards are from the general fund of the Northern California Section of the IFT.

The Jury Chair for both committees is appointed by the Section Chair.


1 Jury Chair for the Cruess Scholarship and Awards Committees shall appoint his own selection jury.

2. Awards Jury Chair notifies the Food Science and Nutrition Departments within the boundaries of the Section of the pending scholarships and awards. The announcements should go to both the Department Chair and the Food Science Club coordinator (See attached announcement)

3. The Jury Chair will call meetings of the Jury to review scholarship and award applications

4. The Jury Chair shall notify the Executive Committee of all awards and request that the Treasurer prepare and send checks to the appropriate individuals or departments.

5. The Jury Chair shall send letters to the winners of the Cruess Scholarship informing them that they have been selected as an award winner.

6. Funds to recipients of the Cruess Scholarship are sent in August and January, that is, at the start of the Fall and Winter terms. The Jury Chair shall send a reminder to the Treasurer to issue the checks.


August 30
· Issue checks to Cruess Scholarship winners

December 1
· Send scholarship notices to faculty advisors at Northern California universities with food science programs.
· Appoint Awards Committee Jury

January 20
· Issue checks to Cruess Scholarship winners
· First ballots returned by jury to Jury Chair.

February 1
· Send second ballot to jurors, if necessary.
· Return second ballot to Jury Chair, if necessary.
· Notify Food Science Clubs of travel award deadlines

March 20 (Approx)
· Retrieve ballots from NCIFT office and distribute to the jury

April 1
· Notify Executive Committee of travel award winners
· Ask treasurer to issue checks to the appropriate Food Science Clubs

April 15
· Reviewed applications returned to Jury Chair
· Notify scholarship winners

May 1
· Treasurer sends check to winners


Two or more scholarships will be offered by the NORTHERN CALIFORNIA SECTION OF THE INSTITUTE OF FOOD TECHNOLOGISTS for the 1998-1999 academic year. The awards will provide financial assistance to students who will be starting their Junior/Senior program in Food Science/Technology/Nutrition and are academically involved with the food industry. Funding for these scholarships is from a trust fund established by Marie Cruess for the Northern California Section of the IFT.

A grant of $1,000 will be awarded to a qualified student working towards an undergraduate degree and is attending any college or university providing a degree in Food Science/Technology/Nutrition in the boundaries of the NCIFT (Northern California).

The purpose of this Junior/Senior scholarship award is to encourage deserving undergraduate students to continue to pursue a curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science/Technology/Nutrition or a related field.


The general eligibility requirements for applicants for this scholarship are that you must be scholastically outstanding and have a well-rounded personality. Age, sex, and religion are not conditions of eligibility for an award. Your home address or recent work place must be in the NCIFT geographic area.


1. Official transcripts of academic records.

2. Current resume.

3. Personal statement to include: (a) Study plan, (b) Financial need, (c) Community and professional activity, and (d) Future goals.

4. A letter of recommendation signed by a faculty member familiar with your work. This letter should include a general appraisal of the applicant's scholarship, extracurricular activities, and character in particular relation to the purposes and eligibility requirements of the scholarship.

All scholarship awardees must be members of the Institute of Food Technologists.

Grants will be paid in two installments, August 15 and January 15 of the following year through Department Heads. Upon receiving each payment, we ask the Department Heads to verify registration of the scholarship awardees.

Submit applications postmarked by March 1, 1998 to:

Chair, NCIFT Scholarship Committee
NCIFT Office
840 Old County Road
Belmont, CA 94002

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