Updated: July 30, 1998


The Symposium Committee functions to present timely and informative symposia as a service to update and educate NCIFT members. The Committee Chair is selected by the NCIFT Chairman.


1. The committee functions under a separate budget approved by the NCIFT Executive Committee in June of each year. The symposia are not to be run for profit but should break even financially.

2. The committee of 3 to 5 members is selected by the Committee Chair.

3. The Committee meets in July to suggest symposia on subjects of interest to NCIFT members.

4. Ideas for symposia are presented to the Executive Committee by the Committee Chair at the August Executive Committee meeting.

5. Once the committee has approval for symposia subjects, the committee must handle the complete operation of the symposia including:
a) obtaining speakers
b) appointing a symposia chair for each symposium
c) finding a location for the symposia
d) making arrangements for food and transportation of speakers
e) publicizing the symposia


July 1
· Symposia Chair selects committee members

July 15
· Committee meets to suggest subjects of interest to NCIFT members.

August 1
· Symposia chair presents subjects at August Executive Committee Meeting for approval.

September 15
· Committee meets to arrange speakers, location, transportation, publicity and other items necessary for successful symposia.

June 1
· Symposia Committee Chair appointed by NCIFT Chairman

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