Unified Membership

For the last two years IFT has engaged 17 sections and subsections in the Section Pilot Program.  The Section Pilot Program was conducted under the direction of the Section Engagement Advisory Panel and the goal was to determine how to deliver a globally consistent and locally relevant experience for our collective members.  More information can be found at http://www.ift.org/community/sections/section-pilot-program.aspx.

On Friday, July 12, 2013, the IFT Board of Directors voted unanimously to approve the recommendations of the Section Engagement Advisory Panel.  The recommendations included IFT adopting unified membership.  Unified membership means that to be a member of the section, you must also be a member of IFT.  If you are a member of IFT, you must belong to the local section associated with your primary zip code.  Section only or “regional associate” membership is no longer available as unified membership is being phased in for all IFT sections. 


What is the value of an IFT membership?

As an IFT member, you have valuable resources at your fingertips, including webcasts, salary information, workshops and course discounts. Learn about all the benefits and value of membership right here!


What is the value of a New York Section IFT membership?

Beyond what IFT can provide, as a member of the New York Section IFT, you will meet colleagues in the local area, expand your professional network, be exposed to new techniques and trends in the food industry, gather and share information and enhance your leadership skills. You will have access to our newsletter filled with interesting facts about the global and local food industry, member profiles and more. Priceless!


You can update this with information that makes sense for your section.Click on the appropriate link for more information and to join!

Member ($215)

Professional Member

Student Member ($75)

Emeritus Status