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      WINNER!!! IFT Poster Competition: Food Packaging

Poster Winner
2010 Scholarship recipient Sumeet Dhawan from WSU places
first in the Food Packaging Category poster competition at
the recent IFT national convention.

Scholarship Night 2010

The Puget Sound section of the Institute of Food Technologists handed out 9 scholarships at the annual Scholarship Night at Meridian Valley Country Club in Kent on May 11, 2010.

This year, PSIFT awarded $9,000 in scholarships. The money for the scholarships was raised at our annual Supplier's Night that was held back in February of this year. Thank you to all of our suppliers who attended the Supplier's Night event and made it possible for PSIFT to award these scholarships.

The scholarship committee (Megan Leifson, Josephine Pompey and Paul Cole) reviewed many applications. All applications must meet the criteria to be considered for an award. In the end, nine applications were selected. There are five Outstanding Student Awards and four Travel Awards. The students are from Washington State University and the University of Washington.

                  Students 2010
Seven of the nine scholarship recipients were able to attend the meeting. It was a great opportunity to meet some of the up-and-comers in the food science student population and a great event for networking.
Roopesh Mohandas Syamaladevi explains his poster to attendees. He received a travel award to present his poster at the IFT national convention in Chicago. 

Katharine Chan talks with Hoby Douglass, sales
manager from General BioDiesel in Seattle. He
spoke to the audience about alternative energy
and reprocessing used cooking oils and animal
fats into biodiesel for trucks and cars.

                  Paul presents
"Travel Awards" are presented to Sumeet
Dhawan, Xiaonan Lu, Maria Rosales Soto,
Roopesh Mohandas Syamaladevi by
Scholarship committee member Paul Cole.

                  Student Award 2010
"Outstanding Student" scholarships are presented
to Maureen McFerson, Qian Liu, Katharine Chan
and Luis Castro. 

PSIFT Scholarship committee members
Megan Leifson and Paul Cole.

The Scholarships and the Recipients

Outstanding Student Awards:

Luis Castro is working on his M.S. in Food Science at WSU.

Maureen McFerson
is a Senior at WSU in the Food Science program who is very active in the Food Science Club and works as an ambassador for the College of Agriculture and Home Economics to promote Food Science.

Katharine Chan is working on her Pharm.D at UW in the Pharmacy program. She has a BS in Biology with a minor in Food Science from Cornell University. She is very interested in microbiology and food safety. Ultimately, she would like to work for the FDA as an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer.

Karen Thorsen

Qian Liu

Travel Awards:

Xiaonan Lu is working on his Ph.D. in Food Science at WSU.  His research is determining the sexual maturity in white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) to maximize yield and quality of caviar.

Sumeet Dhawan presented two posters at IFT Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL.

Maria Rosales Soto is working on her Ph.D. in Food Science at WSU and presented a poster at IFT Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL.

Roopesh Mohandas Syamaladevi

Click here (PDF) to learn more about the scholarships and award criteria.

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