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Scholarship Night 2012

The Puget Sound section of the Institute of Food Technologists handed out 9 scholarships
at the annual Scholarship Night at Continental Mills in Tukwila on May 15, 2012.

This year, PSIFT awarded $9,500 in scholarship money. The money for the scholarships was raised at our annual Supplier's Night that was held back in March of this year. Thank you to all of our suppliers who attended the Supplier's Night event and made it possible for PSIFT to award these scholarships.

The scholarship committee (Megan Leifson, Josephine Pompey, Kristen Yaney, Kimberly Bowman and Paul Cole) reviewed many applications. All applications must meet the criteria to be considered for an award. In the end, nine applications were selected. There are four Outstanding Student Awards and five Travel Awards.

See 2011 Scholarship Photos

                  Students 2011
Megan Leifson presents Outstanding Scholarship awards.
Packed House: We had a terrific turnout to see Bret's presentation and to support our students.

Fermin Resurreccion walks us through his poster.

Student Award
Travel Awards presented by Megan Leifson and
Scholarship committee members (not pictured)
Kimberly Bowman, Kristen Yaney and Paul Cole.

High TEch
Sometimes high tech presentations need human help.

Ofero Caparino explains his poster for the competition.

The Scholarships and the Recipients

Outstanding Student Awards:

Maria Soto                                                                       Ph.D.  Food Science

Luis Castro                                                                     
Ph.D. Food Science

Mikaela Easter                                                             
Food Science (Junior)

Ande Flower                                                                   
AAS Culinary Arts (Sophomore)

Travel Awards:

Ofero Caparino                                                            Poster - IFT Annual Meeting Graduate level

Roopesh Syamaladevi                                            Poster - IFT Annual Meeting Graduate level
                                                                                                (see competition results)

Sumeet Dhawan                                                         Poster - IFT Annual Meeting Graduate level
                                                                                                IFT Student Oral Professional Development Finalist

Fermin Resurreccion                                             Poster - Microwave Power Symposium Graduate level

Matthew Allan                                                             Matthew Allan - IFTSA Product Development Competition
                                                                                                 (see project results)

Click here (DOC) to learn more about the scholarships and award criteria.

See 2011 Scholarship Photos

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Travel Award IFT Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV

Name                                                   Travel Event                                                                                         $ amount

Sumeet Dhawan                                 Finalist for Food Packaging Division Poster Competition                       1000.00

                                                            IFT Annual Meeting Poster Presentation

                                                            Student Representative of Food Packaging Division

Sumeet is working on his PhD in Food Engineering at WSU and is expecting to graduate in December 2012


Rajat Tyagi                                        Oral Presentation at International Microwave Power Institute     1000.00

                                                            In Las Vegas   

Rajat is working on his PhD in Food Engineering at WSU and is expecting to graduate in May 2015


Wenjia Zhang                         Presenting two posters at International Microwave Power Institute         1000.00

                                                            And IFT Annual meeting

Wenjia is working on his PhD in Food Engineering at WSU and is expecting to graduate in June 2014


Maria Rosales Soto                           IFT Annual Meeting Poster Competition, Poster Presentation    1000.00

                                                            And Oral Presentation

Maria is working on her PhD in Food Science at WSU and is expecting to graduate in December 2012.  Maria could not be with us this evening since she is in Peru preparing to be married on Saturday.


Scholastic Achievement Award

Name                                                   Yr in school     Area of Study                                                  $ amount

1.  Achyut Akhikari                              Ph.D.               PhD Food Science                                            1000.00


Outstanding Student Award

Name                                                   Yr in school     Area of Study                                                  $ amount

1. Karin Thorsen                                  Sr                     Food Science                                                    1250.00

2. Mikaela Easter                                 Sr                     Food Science                                                    1250.00

3. Molly Mayer                                    M.S.                Food Science                                                    1250.00

4. Yang Jiao                                         Ph.D.               Biological & Agricultural Engineering      1250.00

5. Fermin Resurreccion                         Ph.D.               Biological & Agricultural Engineering      1250.00