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Dave Olsen
                                     Chris Charles and Starbucks Co-Found Dave Olsen

Scholarship Night 2013 at Starbucks

The Puget Sound section of the Institute of Food Technologists handed out 12 scholarships
at the annual Scholarship Night at Starbucks headquarters in Seattle on May 14, 2013.

Starbucks co-founder Dave Olsen provide the keynote presentation to a crowd of over 90 people. He shared stories
of his first product development on a shoe string up through creation of today's professional team of food science
professionals. Students were treated to a tour of the headquarters which included a coffee tasting session.

This year, PSIFT awarded $12,000 in scholarship money. The money for the scholarships was raised at our annual Supplier's Night that was held back in March of this year. Thank you to all of our suppliers who attended the Supplier's Night event and made it possible for PSIFT to award these scholarships.

The scholarship committee (Megan Leifson, Josephine Pompey, Kristen Yaney, Kimberly Bowman and Paul Cole) reviewed many applications. All applications must meet the criteria to be considered for an award. In the end, nine applications were selected. There are four Outstanding Student Awards and five Travel Awards.

See 2012 Scholarship Photos

                  Students 2013
Oustanding Students Scholarship awards.
Scholarship Committee: (L to R) Kristen Yaney, Josephine Pompey, Megan Leifson, Kimberly Bowman, and Paul Cole.
Chris Charles
PSIFT Section Chair Chris Charles.

Student Award
                  2013 Travel
Travel Awards Scholarship awards.

Scholarship Group 2013
2013 Scholarship Recipients.

Science Fair
Washington State Science Fair:
Middle School Award Winner.

The Scholarships and the Recipients

Travel Awards:

Luis Castro                   Oral presentation at American Society of Brewing Chemists, Phoenix, AZ

Tao Dong                      Poster presentation at IFT Annual Meeting in Chicago

Donglei Luan               Oral presentation at International Microwave Power Institute, Providence, RI

Ellen Bornhorst           Poster presentation at IFT Annual Meeting in Chicago

Kanishka Bhunia         Poster Competition & Presentation at IFT Annual Meeting in Chicago

Scholastic Achievement Award

Dinesh Uduwana        Studying for Masters in Food Science

Sumeet Dhawan         Studying for Doctorate in Food Science

Outstanding Student Award

Brianna Dunn              Junior studying Food Science

Allison Baker               Studying for Masters in Food Science

Jing Peng                     Studying for Doctorate in Biological & Agricultural Engineering
Yang Jiao                     Studying for Doctorate in Biological & Agricultural Engineering

Wenjia Zhang              Studying for Doctorate in Biological & Agricultural Engineering

Click here (DOC) to learn more about the scholarships and award criteria.

See 2012 Scholarship Photos

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