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Welcome to the RMIFT
Rocky Mountain Institute of Food Technologists

IFT Regional Sections are the local chapters of IFT. Participation in a Regional Section provides up-to-date scientific information, along with an excellent opportunity to network, further your career and be actively involved in the food technology community. RMIFT is one of 53 Regional Sections of the Institute of Food Technologists, a non-profit, professional, educational association that promotes the application of science and engineering to the creation, production, processing, packaging, distribution, and utilization of food products. In addition, RMIFT supports students the scholarship and travel grant programs through sponsorships and support from food industry companies.
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RMIFT has more than 400 members and holds meetings/events at least five times a year. Please join us for evenings of learning, fellowship and gourmet dining.
March 2011 Speaker Meeting
April 2011 Speaker/Tour Meeting
September 2011 Golf Outing and Supplier’s Night
October 2011 Tour Meeting
RMIFT is actively seeking volunteers to fill the Chair and Chair-Elect positions! Please see our Volunteer tab at the top of the page for more information. Thank you!