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Brain Food - The Official Blog of IFT

What is Clean Label?
Clean label is not a scientific term. Rather, it is a consumer term that has been broadly accepted by the food industry, consumers, academics, and even regulatory agencies. However, for better or worse, the clean label movement has also helped feed a general skepticism around science and food. Read more

The Science Behind the LaCroix and Linalool Controversy
A lawsuit against sparkling water maker LaCroix accuses it of using artificial ingredients and notes that it includes a flavor additive called linalool, referring to it as “a chemical used in cockroach insecticide.” So, what exactly is linalool? And is it safe? Read more

Food Traceability in a Mobile World
Thanks to advances in technology, visibility into the food supply chain has been transformed in the last 10 years. The cost of technology, information and data storage have all dropped significantly in that time, and as a result, many traceability systems today rely on consumer-based mobile devices. Read more

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