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Student Membership

Comprehensive access to IFT’s time-saving resources, vibrant community, trusted research, and educational materials for students interested in the science of food.


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Gain access to an invaluable network, resources, and insights to help you enhance your academic experience and prepare for a future in food.


Colleges and universities provide many opportunities for students to learn and grow in the classroom and through student activities like local student chapters. An IFT Student Membership takes your college experience a step further, expanding opportunities to enhance your education, broaden your network, and prepare you for a career in this exciting field.


$50/year. Section dues, where applicable, are additional and vary by Section.

Student Membership Benefits

The IFT Student Association, or IFTSA, is part of IFT, but exclusively for students pursuing degrees in food science and related fields. This student-governed community of up-and-coming food scientists and technologists provides resources and opportunities to enhance on-campus experiences, make new connections, gain knowledge and insights, and prepare you for a career in this exciting profession.

Want to establish meaningful relationships with thought leaders, connect with potential employers, meet future collaborators, and network with peers? Your IFT Student Membership enables you to:

  • Connect with any IFT student or professional member through the “Find a Member” feature on IFT Member Connect
  • Participate in IFT Divisions, our discipline-specific special interest groups
  • Get involved in IFT Sections, our regional or international networking groups
  • Engage in IFT’s member-led, identity-based Resource Groups
  • Spend quality time with anyone and everyone in the science of food at IFT FIRST: Annual Event and Expo with a 90% student discount

Want to showcase your knowledge, skills, and commitment to your future profession to an influential audience? With an IFT Student Membership, you’ll have:

  • Exclusive opportunities to participate in IFT product development competitions, research competitions, and the highly acclaimed College Bowl
  • No page charges when selected to publish in the Journal of Food Science (a $2,000 value) or Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety (a $3,000 value)
  • Opportunities to showcase your expertise as part of the scientific program and technical research poster presentations at IFT FIRST: Annual Event and Expo

Want access to the latest research, innovation, and trends to help you enhance your knowledge and inspire your studies? An IFT Student Membership gives you:

  • A year-long subscription to Food Technology magazine (a $209 value) or Journal of Food Science (a $150 value)
  • Unlimited free access to member-exclusive content in Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety
  • Informative and thought-provoking discussions on IFT’s Omnivore and Sci Dish podcasts
  • Curated content collections and special reports, like our 2022 IFT Compensation & Career Path Report (a $179 value)

Want access to expertise, training, and educational resources to efficiently solve problems and supplement the knowledge and technical skills gained in the classroom?

  • Free access to more than 15 webinars annually on topics spanning nearly every aspect of the science of food (a value of more than $225)
  • Exclusive access to IFT Member Connect, our members-only online community, where you can get quick advice or recommendations to address challenges
  • Discounted access to in-depth, self-paced training courses, including our new online Product Development Bootcamp

Want to build your personal brand and amplify your impact? With an IFT Student Membership. you’ll be able to:

  • Volunteer in the IFT Student Association (IFTSA) or as a student liaison within IFT’s Divisions, Sections, or Resource Groups
  • Apply to be considered to serve on the IFTSA Board of Directors or Office of the President
  • Eligible to vote in IFTSA-related matters only. Voting Rights can be found in Article III, Section 3.2 in IFT’s Bylaws

Who’s Eligible for Student Membership?

To qualify for a Student Membership, a student must be pursuing a degree (Associates or higher) with an interest in the science of food and is not eligible in any other category of membership.

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