Ken Lee, PhD


Ken Lee is the Food Innovation Center Director at Ohio State, with the goal of “Food for Billions.” He served 15 years as the food science academic chair. Ken served on the Board and chaired several initiatives of the IFT. He taught the first course at UW-Madison broadcast live on cable TV. He rallied support for a state-of-the-art food science building at Ohio State. His successful fund drive raised $12M in gifts. Ken was selected as an ACE leadership Fellow. He now advances food commercialization as the leader of a $3M Ohio Third Frontier Award. He published 75 scholarly papers. He was an OSU Commencement speaker. 

IFT Highlights

Ken won the 2007 IFT Fellers award, the 2014 IFT Macy award, and is elected a Fellow of AAAS and is Past-President of Phi Tau Sigma. In addition, he is the 2019 recipient of the Myron Solberg award.


BS in Food Science from Rutgers University

PhD in Food Science and Nutrition from University of Massachusetts