Michele Perchonok, PhD, CFS


Michele Perchonok recently retired after working for 17 years at NASA Johnson Space Center as manager of the NASA Human Research Program (HRP) Program Science Management Office. Prior to holding that position, Michele was the HRP Advanced Food Technology Project Manager and the Shuttle Food System Manager. Prior to joining NASA, Michele worked at Riviana Foods and the Quaker Oats Company Pet Food Division. She has published more than 25 articles and two book chapters.

IFT Highlights

During her nearly 40 years of IFT membership, Michele has served IFT in over 30 volunteer opportunities, seven times as chair, and on the IFT Board of Directors. Her volunteer activities span Division, Section, and IFT Advisory Panels, Award Juries, and Task Forces. Michele has also contributed to IFT in outreach activities by participating in IFT’s award-winning first ‘A Day in the Life of a Food Scientist’ short film featuring NASA as well as participating as an IFT Communicator. Michele is an IFT Fellow, a Certified Food Scientist, and was awarded the Calvert L. Willey Distinguished Service Award in 2016. 


BS in Chemistry from Brown University

MS and Ph.D. in Food Science with minors in Nutritional Biochemistry and Marketing from Cornell University