Randy W. Worobo, PhD


Randy Worobo is a professor in the Department of Food Science at Cornell University. His innovative research has resulted in more than 175 publications and led to industry adoption of several novel technologies (UV, HPP, and antimicrobial additives) as alternative approaches to enhancing the microbial safety and quality of food. His program focuses on microbial spoilage and non-thermal processing, as well as pathogen transmission and survival on fruits and vegetables. Randy has instructed more than 10,000 members of the food industry and regulators through extension programs such as HACCP, cGMPs, and Better Process Control School, which he has offered around the world.  

IFT Highlights

Randy was elected an IFT Fellow in 2018. His 30-year involvement with IFT has centered on student mentorship and support of the IFT scientific and technical program. He joined IFT as an undergraduate student in 1989 and continues to support the IFTSA program as an advisor of the College Bowl team for Cornell University. Randy has held several leadership roles in support of IFT’s scientific mission as a member of the Food Microbiology Division Executive Committee (2006-09) and, currently, as the IFT nominee to the FDA Food Advisory Committee. He served as an IFT reviewer for two FDA reports, “Destruction Kinetics of Alternative Processing Technologies” (2000) and “Analysis and Evaluation of Preventive Control Measures for the Control and Reduction/Elimination of Microbial Hazards on Fresh and Fresh-Cut Produce” (2001). In 2003, Randy served on IFT’s scientific and technical panel, “Microbiological Safety of Fresh and Fresh-Cut Produce: Description of the Situation and Economic Impact.” He has consistently participated in research symposia at IFT and the WNYIFT annual conferences.  


BS in food science from the University of Alberta

PhD in food microbiology from the University of Alberta

Post-doctoral scholar at the Institute for Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering, France