Yanyun Zhao, PhD, CFS


Yanyun Zhao is a faculty member at Oregon State University with dual responsibilities as a Professor in the Department of Food Science & Technology with combined research, Extension and education responsibilities in value-added food processing, and an Associate Dean in the Graduate School leading the postdoctoral program, outreach partnerships and interdisciplinary graduate programs. Yanyun’s research effort is in the area of value-added food processing by utilization of novel food processing and packaging techniques, and development of value-added applications of food processing byproducts.

Her Extension activities include providing leadership in identifying educational needs and creating and delivering educational programs in value-added fruit and vegetable processing. She is internationally known for her expertise in edible food coatings/films and a pioneer in value-added utilization of food processing byproducts. She has been a major advisor for over 30 graduate students, 11 postdocs, and many undergraduate researchers and interns, generated over 140 peer-reviewed journal publications, 21 book chapters, edited 2 books, and provided over 50 workshops and/or short courses to the processed fruit and vegetable industry and transferred patented technologies to industry for solving emerge technical issues.

IFT Highlights

Yanyun has been an IFT member since 1991. She has been actively engaged in numerous IFT activities and served in many elected and volunteer positions as chair of IFT committee and division, award juries, and organizer and speaker at IFT symposia, short courses and webinars. Yanyun is an elected IFT Fellow and a Certified Food Scientist.



BS in Cryogenic Engineering from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

MS in Science and Technology and Heat Transfer from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

PhD in Food Engineering from Louisiana State University