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Use your knowledge and expertise to shape the future for the science of food. Teach a short course, webcast, or present at IFT’s Annual Event to share your knowledge and advance our profession.

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Submit a proposal to IFT’s Annual Event call for proposals! There are a variety of programs and presentation methods available to suit your content and presentation objectives.

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IFT has been offering educational experiences to our members for over 40 years. These offerings are designed to provide our members the tools they need to succeed in their jobs and professional lives.

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Please fill out all sections to the best of your ability. The review process may take a few weeks. IFT may provide edits, recommendations, or suggest an alternate format than the one that you indicate on this form.

Your form will be forwarded to the appropriate party. Questions may be directed to the following e-mails:

Review criteria include but are not limited to:

  • Clear and compelling rationale for the relevance of this topic to IFT members and the science of food community
  • Quality and completeness of proposal
  • Inclusion of innovative teaching methods and activities

Note on Cannabis-related content
IFT strives to provide high quality, relevant research and educational programming on key focus areas that impact professionals, the industry, and consumers.  For proposals that address issues related to cannabis and its application in the food and beverage industry, IFT’s review panel will evaluate the proposal based upon scientific merit, adherence to IFT’s professional code of ethics, and the degree to which the program will advance the application of sound science without advocating or supporting the violation of any local, national, or international laws.

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