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Certified Food Scientist (CFS)

The CFS is the only global certification that provides talented science of food professionals a way to exemplify their dedication to the profession and their personal commitment to staying up to date on advancements in the industry. The CFS also provides companies with a universal way to identify, cultivate, and retain top talent. Get your CFS.

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Certified Food Scientists
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Who's a CFS?

Obtaining the Certified Food Scientist (CFS) credential is a demonstration and professional commitment to lifelong learning and excelling as a food professional. IFT is proud to share the current CFS recipient community.

Certified Food Scientists

Join the Ranks of an Elite Community

10 Reasons a CFS will make you stand out:

  1. Marketability: Demonstrate the applied knowledge and skills you’ve gained throughout your career.
  2. Distinction: Stand out in the competitive job market.
  3. Achievement: Obtain this important milestone for global food scientists.
  4. Relevance: The continuing education requirement ensures you stay current on evolving science and food industry trends, another reason employers love it.
  5. Recognition: Impress your colleagues and industry peers with a certification that will provide you with the resources to help you take the next step on your organization’s technical ladder.
  6. Community: Become part of an exclusive network that includes other professionals with the same know-how and perspectives.
  7. Validation: Prove you have the knowledge and proficiency for consistent on-the-job excellence.
  8. Commitment: Contribute to the success of your organization and to food science in solving global food system challenges.
  9. Gratification: Gain confidence and credibility as you grow and advance your career.
  10. Access: Tap into a global community there to help expand your career options.
Share Accomplishments

Share Your Accomplishment

Earning the CFS credential is an important personal and professional achievement that also has the potential to help raise the visibility and global recognition of our profession. Share it!

Share Your CFS Accomplishments

A Special Distinction

CFS recipient, Jacqui Jenskey, shares the immediate benefits she experienced upon receiving her Certified Food Scientist distinction.

Jacqui Jenskey, CFS recipient

Why earn your CFS?

Obtaining the CFS credential is more than passing an exam—it is a demonstration of your professional commitment to lifelong learning and ability to excel as a professional within the science of food.

Matt Cael, CFS

"I became a work successfully with cross-functional teams."

- Chenboey Lau (CFS), Director of Quality, Kerry (Southeast Asia)

"I became a communicate my technical knowledge of food science."

- Lori Rothman (MS, CFS), Sensory and Consumer Scientist, Lori Rothman Consulting

“I became a gain tremendous credibility with employers and customers.”

- Yousef Alsaadi (Ph.D., CFS), Director of Technical Legislations Department, Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) , UAE