InfoFoodrafic: A Global Infographic Competition

Product Development Division-Sponsored Student Competition

This infographic competition is designed for IFT student members to showcase their skills in communicating the latest developments in the field of product development in an effective manner. Specifically, students are challenged to create an infographic geared towards answering the question ‘How can product development help towards creating a more sustainable food system?’. By participating in this competition students will,

  • Work on ideas focused on achieving a more sustainable food system
  • Enhance their knowledge in product development and its role in sustainability
  • Apply previous acquired knowledge and teamwork skills
  • Showcase their communication skills in a unique and innovative way
  • Gain exposure and prestige
  • Win a cash prize if declared the winner

Competition participants will be notified of their status prior to IFT FIRST: Annual Event & Expo along with monetary prize of $500 awarded to ONE winner. Winner and participants will be recognized at the IFT FIRST Product Development Division social event. The winner will also receive recognition through social media and Product Development Division communications.

Eligibility & Teams

  • Both undergraduate and graduate students
  • All participants must be IFT student members
  • Group or individual submissions are allowed - open to maximum 4 people in a group.
  • Teams may be undergraduate students, graduate students or both together
  • Students from different (or same) universities around the globe can collaborate

Topic and Rules

Students will create an infographic that is geared towards answering ‘How can product development help towards creating a more sustainable food system?’.

  • Digital graphic submission. This can be created using software such as, but not limited to, PowerPoint. Recommended slide size is 18x24 inches.
  • We will only accept static posters for this contest (video and gif elements are not allowed)
  • Each group or an individual is limited to one submission (multiple submissions are not allowed)
  • Your message should align with UN Sustainable Development Goals and how product development can help achieve it
  • References must be provided wherever needed. However, links to articles/appropriate sources are allowed instead of citations avoiding too much wording and making the best use of space for your creative thoughts.
  • You do not need to manufacture a product. This competition is designed to encourage ideas on how a product developer can contribute to sustainability.

Download Guidelines


  • Deadline for participants to submit: April 30, 2023 @ 11.59 PM CT
  • Results will be announced by July 2023

Judging Criteria

A panel of experts in the areas of product development, sustainability, and scientific communication will judge the entries. Organizers will not serve as judges.

The submissions will be evaluated based on:

  1. Content Knowledge (Understanding science, interpretation of results, validity of conclusion) – 40%
  2. Concept relevance (UN Sustainable goals, creativity, background information) – 40%
  3. Presentation Layout (Organization, visual appeal) – 20%

Submitters are encouraged to keep the following points in mind:

  • Language should be easy to understand
  • Creative use of graphics
  • Focus on using relevant, up to date information
  • The message should be clear and easy to understand
  • Specific companies or brands should not be referenced, especially in a defamatory way
  • Be mindful about copyright

Entry Form


Please feel free to reach out to Urvi Shah if you have any questions about the competition. Please reach out to Melanie Bozek regarding submission form process.