IFTSA Global Summit

IFTSA Global Summit

Bringing the world’s food science students together in one virtual meeting.


IFTSA 5th Annual Global Summit  |  #iftsaglobalsummit19

The IFTSA Global Summit is not your average webinar! It brings all the fun of an in-person conference right to your computer—you can participate from wherever you are in the world! During this free virtual event, you will have the ability to live chat, ask questions, view live video streams, and more. The 5th Annual IFTSA Global Summit took place earlier this year, and a recording of the event will be shared soon.


2019 IFTSA Global Summit


Keynote Session

Superfoods or Superfads: Making Sense of Nutrition Claims
Jessica Cooperstone, PhD, Assistant Professor
Horticulture, Crop Sciences & Food Science and Technology
The Ohio State University

Nutrition claims are everywhere, from your favorite blog post to the covers of the most reputable news publications. In the age of misinformation, how do you know which claims to trust? Dr. Jessica Cooperstone, Assistant Professor of Horticulture, Crop Sciences & Food Science and Technology at The Ohio State University, will share approaches for evaluating the validity of these claims as well as the process under which these claims are made. Most importantly, as a future food professional you will leave the session understanding the evidence needed to make these claims.


Breakout Sessions

Indoor Farming: Bringing Innovation and Sustainability to Agriculture
Ed Harwood, CSO, Aerofarms
Alina Zolotareva, Marketing Director, Aerofarms

Packaging for Sustainability
Julie Anderson, Senior R&D Manager, Packaging, Frito Lay/PepsiCo

Competing to Win: An Insider’s Guide to Product Innovation
Janam Pandya, Former IFTSA VP of Competitions
Susie Donnelly, Senior Product Developer, Snickers, MARS Wrigley Confectionery


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