To Measure is to Know: My Career in Sensory Methodology with Suzanne Pecore Live Webcast Sensory and Consumer Sciences Division

This webcast was organized by IFT’s Sensory and Consumer Sciences Division.

In sensory science, and arguably in all food science research, measurement is a critical component of obtaining reliable and valid results, which in turn leads to robust and accurate conclusions. This webinar will provide a deeper exploration of measurement in sensory and consumer science research from the perspective of a food industry professional. This webinar will encourage participation through the open question time and will also kick-off the “SCSD Ask the Expert” session. Participation in these sessions will provide participants opportunities to network with an experienced sensory scientist, as well as open the door to networking with other IFT members.
Program Goals:

  1.  Attendees will be able to identify the important components of measurement in sensory science.
  2.  Attendees will understand the challenges and limitations of various forms of measurements in sensory science.
  3. Attendees will gain an appreciation of the diversity in perspectives of a food science professional (Suzanne Pecore) who has worked in numerous food industries.


Melanie Krawczyk