On July 1, 2020, the FDA will begin enforcing the new dietary fiber labeling laws in the United States. However, despite the introduction of the new FDA rules in July of 2016, the extended public comment period, and delayed implementation dates; there is still confusion among many food manufacturers as to what is required to be in compliance for labeling their food products. The most prevalent misperception is that approved dietary fibers may be appropriately claimed on Nutrition Facts Labels through record-keeping procedures alone. This leaves food manufacturers vulnerable to expensive class action lawsuits for mislabeled product which are not only costly but can threaten the financial and reputational viability of the food manufacturer. This webinar will cover the essentials of the analytical documentation needed to support dietary fiber labeling for Nutrition Facts disclosures. The latest advances in the analysis of non-digestible carbohydrates, which allow the most complete accounting of FDA-approved dietary fibers will be presented along with case studies of class action lawsuits which target the most common mistakes of food manufacturers.


Melanie Krawczyk