For the recently licensed cannabis producer interested in developing infused foods, the world of beverages and edibles can seem confusing and poorly supported. Regulations, from track and trace to laboratory analyses, consume large amounts of the entrepreneur’s time. Food quality, food science, and critical controls are often only touched upon. With limited capital, production is frequently a scaled up culinary operation that promises unique products, yet soon strains under production, laboratory, and quality pressures.

The Entrepreneur’s Primer comes from listening to over two years of common questions in the legal infused foods industry. The food-oriented business owner will receive valuable guidance in producing consistent and safe products, be the active cannabinoid CBD or THC. The Primer is the first course of its kind to address solutions from the small producer’s point of view versus presentations describing specific products or services.

Presented as four, two-hour sessions, Cannabis Infused Foods—An Entrepreneur’s Primer, alleviates the Zoom™ fatigue of talking heads with a mix of self-directed field exercises, pre-readings, and team debriefs.