As several events continue to be postponed, moved online or canceled altogether as a result of COVID-19 concerns in the United States, Texas A&M University (TAMU) has announced its 23rd Annual Practical Short Course on “Food Extrusion: Cereals, Pulses, Protein & Other Ingredients” will be held in Hybrid format (face to face as well as virtually -LIVE- ONLINE) from Sep. 27-Oct. 1, 2021.

This program will cover detailed information on cereal grains, legumes, soy protein, dry extrusion; full fat soybean processing; extrusion-expelling of soybeans for making natural/organic soy flour; raw material selection, preparation and characteristics of soy flour, concentrates and isolates; extrusion hardware, single and twin screw extruders for cereals and TVP production; extrusion dies; extruder troubleshooting effect of preconditioning; wheat gluten and its application; thermal and mechanical processing of cereal grains, high protein, whole grain products, coating of cereals and snacks, application of TVP in meat, meat products, vegetarian application; quality control and testing of finished products; high moisture meat analogs, soy flavor, drying, toasting of food products, dry milling of cereals. Reservations are accepted on a first-come basis. For more information, programs, and application forms


Mian Riaz, PhD, CFS