Join IFT’s Sensory & Consumer Sciences Division for this upcoming webinar on artificial intelligence (AI)!

  • Part I with Vanessa Rios de Souza, PhD – Director of Client Solutions, Aigora This talk will focus on artificial intelligence, with an emphasis on machine learning and its significant impact on consumer and sensory fields. It starts with an introduction to predictive modeling, highlighting its critical importance and the substantial benefits it offers in enhancing product development processes. Real-world examples will be showcased to illustrate the practical application. The discussion will also cover the most common types of data and the essential requirements necessary for successful model implementation. An overview of the main challenges and limitations faced in the industry will be discussed, providing a realistic overview of predictive modeling's potential and constraints.
  • Part II with Michelle Niedziela, Ph.D – VP of Research and Innovation, HCD Research This talk will focus on how AI is revolutionizing the field of consumer insights by not only providing advanced data collection and analysis capabilities but also by empowering businesses to uncover actionable insights that drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and ultimately, increase competitive advantage in the marketplace, sharing examples and experiences. Applying AI to sensory and consumer research can revolutionize the way we understand and optimize consumer experiences. By harnessing vast amounts of data and employing sophisticated algorithms, AI is already introducing unprecedented opportunities for making analytics more efficient and bringing predictive modeling to scale. Beyond analytics there is also an opportunity to gain deeper understanding into the intricacies of human actions, decisions, and preferences through leveraging AI to consumer and behavioral insights.


Sydnie Nugent