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Feeding Tomorrow’s vision of an enduring culture of support for the world’s next generation of food scientists and a safe, nutritious, and sustainable food supply for everyone is propelled by our community of donors. Their generous support fuels our mission and inspires our gratitude.

“The future of our field is in the hands of the next generation of students in food science.”

- Lauren Jackson, PhD, CFS , Feeding Tomorrow Donor; Chief, Process Engineering Branch , US Food and Drug Administration
Lauren Jackson

“Feeding Tomorrow is focused on filling the talent pipeline of our scientific discipline... and I care enough about the science of food to want to do my part to put some fuel in that tank.”

- Craig Sherwin, CFS, Feeding Tomorrow Donor; Manager , Novozymes North America, Inc.
Craig Sherwin
Dr. Elwood Caldwell

Dr. Elwood Caldwell Graduate Fellowship

Feeding Tomorrow receives endowment exceeding $1 million, largest gift in foundation's history

Learn more about Dr. Caldwell's gift

Supporting Feeding Tomorrow

Through the generosity of our donors, we are able to fulfill our mission of supporting future food scientists.

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Thank You to Our Generous Donors

Donations from September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019

Elwood Caldwell, PhD
The Coca-Cola Company
PepsiCo Inc.
Seeding the Future Foundation (Bernhard and Annette van Lengerich)
General Mills Inc.
Ingredion Incorporated
Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists
Merieux NutriSciences
Michael Foods Inc.
ORC International

Individuals $500+

Noel Anderson
Allen Freed
Lauren Jackson
Vicki Kloeris
Scott D. Lineback
Rosetta Newsome
George Seperich
Justin Shimek
Cynthia Stewart
Herbert Stone
Shannon Stum
Christie Tarantino-Dean

Section Contributions

IFT's local Sections are important contributors to the mission and vision of IFT and Feeding Tomorrow. Below are sections who generously sponsored the 2019 Fun Run + Fitness.
Chicago Section IFT
Long Island Section IFT
Ohio Valley Section IFT
Rocky Mountain Section IFT
San Joaquin Section IFT
Washington DC Section IFT

Division Contributions

IFT's topical Divisions are also important supporters of the Foundation mission and vision of IFT and Feeding Tomorrow. Below are divisions who generously sponsored the 2019 Fun Run + Fitness.
Education, Extension, and Outreach Division
Food Engineering Division
Food Laws & Regulations Division
Food Microbiology Division
International Division
Nonthermal Processing Division
Nutraceutical and Functional Foods Division
Quality Management Division
Sensory and Consumer Sciences Division

Our Recent Donors

  • Ifeanyi Nwachukwu
  • Heather Stadt
  • Norma Agar
  • Warren Nicholson
  • Zara Raneses
  • Robert Sombke
  • Leslie Gallo
  • John Clements
  • Jaylin Jacobs
  • Cecilia Nunes
  • Michele Perchonok
  • Paul Cole
  • John Hallagan
  • Barbara Blakistone
  • Stephanie Bills
  • Kin Kan Astley Chu
  • Chris Fields
  • Lawrence Wurzel
  • Keshun Liu
  • George Marinos
  • Craig Sherwin
  • Bonnie Gosline
  • Siang Hong Siang Hong
  • David Mauro
  • Bailey Gong
  • Anders Mattsson
  • Carmen Moraru
  • Rachel Schendel
  • Leslie Herzog
  • Rachel Mitacek
  • Angela Stessen
  • Katie Shafer
  • Kelli Schlagel
  • Irma Tardia
  • Vincent Sommer
  • Michael Morrissey
  • Marianne Gillette
  • Jose Reyes-De-Corcuera
  • Andrea Raquel Muela Negrete
  • Adelia Bovell-Benjamin
  • Lizanel Dumas
  • Kathleen Irwin
  • Rae-Shann Dingle
  • Brian March
  • James Kusar
  • Dennis Miller
  • Nathan Anderson
  • Leonard Heflich
  • AJ Little
  • Helen Joyner
  • Cena Burnoski
  • John Deininger
  • Rebecca Miller
  • Jaco Zeevaart
  • Wei Yi Tammie Tham
  • John Clauson
  • Guido Moruzzi
  • Leigh R.Schmidt
  • Hollander Horizon International
  • Lauren Jackson
  • Harold Russell
  • David Fienberg
  • Anna Shapiro
  • Gregory Ziegler
  • Edna Negron-Perez
  • Randy Wehling
  • John Miller
  • Irma De Anda Lobo
  • Dinie Dreyer
  • Maria Aguirre
  • Athula Ekanayake
  • Kevin Fitzgerald
  • Yaguang Luo
  • Mary Camire
  • Janet Collins
  • Daniel O'Brien
  • Rebeca Lopez-Garcia
  • Darryl Suskin
  • David Kissane
  • Gale Strasburg
  • Charles Onwulata
  • Clyde Don
  • Howard Zhang
  • Claire Iverson
  • John McKnight
  • Cindy Stewart
  • W.L. Boatright
  • Tomohiro Noguchi
  • Janeth Cetera-Thomas
  • Mario Ferruzzi
  • Janet Rogers
  • Caroline Holliday
  • Michele Marcotte
  • Shiowshuh Sheen
  • Joseph Light
  • Calvin Cho
  • Hongda Chen
  • Clifford Hall
  • David Lineback
  • Hassan Gourama
  • Alison Behling
  • Gerhard Fox
  • Denise Skonberg
  • Grete Skrede
  • Ivette Bassa
  • Gilma Luna Cortes