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Cydney J. at Manor House

Summer Scholars

IFT partners with universities to fund their Summer Scholars programs which introduce college students to the science of food. These programs take place over the summer months and students receive an in depth look at food science and research. Students are recruited from other universities and from all different disciplines. Funding this program is one more way that Feeding Tomorrow fulfills its mission by encouraging the best young minds to pursue careers in the science of food! 

How to Apply

Watch the video below to learn more about how to apply for funding to support a Summer Scholars or similar program.

Participating Programs
Cornell University
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Summer Scholar Research Program
Ohio State University
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Summer Scholars Program

"It’s very important to get a lot of internship experience, whether it’s research-based or in the industry. It gives you a broader perspective of working in the lab or on the floor of a product plant, and you can apply what you learned in the classroom. Life experience is one of the best ways to learn."

- Cydney Jackson, Student at Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical (A&M) University , Feeding Tomorrow scholarship to the Cornell University Summer Scholars
Cydney Jackson

Congratulations Scholarship Recipients

In 2021, we were able to award $115,000 in scholarship and fellowship funding

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