Leafy Green Traceability Pilots

GFTC Leafy Green Traceability Pilots

Find out how IFT’s GFTC and several food industry organizations collaborated with industry stakeholders to support the New Era of Smarter Food Safety.

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Demystifying Traceability

GFTC Traceability

Evaluate the effectiveness of your company’s traceability plan or create a new one with this convenient online course.

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Food Traceability and Transparency are Responsible Business

IFT’s Global Food Traceability Center (GFTC) and its partners work together to share knowledge, expertise, applied research, data, and resources to help addresses global food traceability challenges and opportunities across the supply chain.

Latest Food Safety and Defense

What’s All the Buzz About Edible Insects?

This column offers information about the nutritional and environmental benefits of edible insects as a protein source, along with safety and legal considerations.

The Latest from IFT’s Global Food Traceability Center

Discover what the team behind IFT’s Global Food Traceability Center is working on, including recent events, research projects, and advocacy efforts

Making Packaging Tradeoffs for Commercialization

This column offers information about balancing the many competing package design priorities to produce a commercially successful package.


Traceability Solutions Evaluations right arrow
Does your company need help understanding how to get started with its traceability program. Get a customized evaluation to help direct your focus.
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Piloting End-to-End Traceability right arrow
Leverage the GFTC’s innovative methodology and expertise to evaluate your company’s end-to-end traceability.
Standards and Protocols right arrow
The GFTC committed to fostering providing guidance and a forum for the exchange of knowledge to develop best practices, and generate scorecards to measure traceability success.

GFTC Education and Training

GFTC | Course
Demystifying Traceability right arrow
Evaluate the effectiveness of your company’s traceability plan or create a new one with this convenient online course.
processed food webcast
Best Practices in Food Traceability for the Processed Foods Sector right arrow
In this webcast expert Lars Pekay demonstrates how to create a comprehensive traceability plan for the processed food sector.
GFTC | Webcast
Calculating the Payback from Seafood Traceability right arrow
What is the return on investment from traceability? If you are in the seafood industry and are asking this question, you need to watch this webcast.

GFTC Research and Resources

interoperable traceability
Collaborating Toward Interoperable FullChain Food Traceability right arrow
This free JFS supplement takes a critical look at recent research and development in seafood traceability.
GFTC | Guidance Documents
Meat & Traceability Best Practices right arrow
Download this helpful guide to learn all you need to know about meat traceability best practices.
GFTC | Guidance Documents

How Can Blockchain Technology Help Food Transparency?

Learn how blockchain technology may provide to be an invaluable solution for helping increase transparency, interoperability, and deinstitutionalization in food traceability.

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