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The Global Food Traceability Center (GFTC) works to assist the global food industry to trace products through the supply chain to improve food safety, diminish risk, and avert devastating health consequences and economic loss in the food system. To support these efforts, the GFTC has developed and maintained a library of traceability resources for your use.

Traceability Pilots

In 2010, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) contracted with the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) to develop two pilot projects designed to test and study various product tracing practices for fresh produce and processed foods. In March 2013, IFT announces the public release of their report for the FDA focused on the outcomes of these two pilot projects.

This groundbreaking project—a core component of the Food Safety Modernization Act traceability requirements – spurred an innovative methodology for evaluating end-to-end traceability. The GFTC continues to use this methodology in the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability.

Traceability Guidance Documents

A selection of resources curated to guide your traceability system development and implementation

Traceability Glossary of Terms

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Reading Materials

Leverage our helpful journal articles, issues, whitepapers, and briefs to gain a better understanding of food traceability so you can be better equipped to lead your company’s traceability initiative.

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