About IFTNEXT—Inspiring Innovation to Feed the Future and Beyond

IFTNEXT is IFT’s heightened, purpose-driven commitment to bringing provocative ideas and discoveries together to inspire thoughtful, important conversations that challenge conventional approaches with the goal of informing global issues related to the science of food.

Exploring the Future with the IFTNEXT Think Tank

The Think Tank's charge is to use current knowledge or indicators within and outside of the food industry to grasp the BIG PICTURE context (global, inter-industrial, economic, political, environmental, digital, etc) in which food science operates. This insight will help us understand where we are and what we need to provide IFT members with resources, insights, relationships, knowledge, and experience to move boldly into the future.

Think Tank Members:

Bernhard Van Lengerich, S2G Ventures (Seed 2 Growth)

Peggy Smedley, Specialty Publishing Media

Colin Dennis, Agri-Food Training Partnership;

Joseph Light, Ingredion